Looking to scale your team collaboration in StudioBinder? In this post, we’ll explore company plans, the differences between users and collaborators, and how you can invite users to your plan today.

How to Invite Team Members

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Team Collaboration Basics

Is a company plan right for you?

One of the key differentiators of a company plan is its ability to invite users (aka "team members") for team collaboration on projects. By default, a company plan comes with a set number of seats. However, you can purchase additional seats as needed, and the monthly total will adjust automatically.

A company plan provides:

  • Account users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Increased file storage

Users vs Collaborators

How are users different than collaborators?

You might be wondering how a user differs from a collaborator. Here's the breakdown:

Introducing Team Collaboration - TV, Film and Video Production Project Management Software

Users are admins with full project access


A "collaborator" is an individual you invite to access a specific page. Similar to sharing a Dropbox link, they do not need login credentials to access the page. Depending on the permissions you set for a collaborator, they can view, add comments, or fully edit the content of a page. Collaborators can be invited on the Studio plan (or above), and their access can be revoked at any time.


A "user" is an individual who can access and edit entire projects and associated pages. A user has a dedicated username and password, and part of your company account. Unlike collaborators, they can collaborate on task cards found on various pages of a project — as a result, project-wide team collaboration is much more effective with users.

Note that users can only be invited on a company plan to occupy an available seat. They can be removed from a seat at any time.

Flexible Plans

Add as many users as needed

Users in your organizations will change over time. And sometimes you'll need more users on a plan.

StudioBinder provides a flexible way to purchase additional "user seats" at any time, and your monthly billing will update accordingly.

Invite Your Film Cast and Crew - StudioBinder

Inviting a user to occupy a "team seat" | Team Collaboration

Just as easily, you can remove the additional seats at any point when you no longer need them.

Pro Tip: Discounted Users

Depending on the company plan you select, the pricing per seat will change. Higher plans will provide seats at a discounted rate. If you need six or more users, we recommend the Production Company plan.

Navigating Between Companies

Swap between companies

A company can invite existing StudioBinder users to get access to their company account. The invited user will be sent an invite email.

Upon approval, they can sign into their existing account and swap between their personal account and the company account.

This can be done via the navigation bar:

Accept Invite Film Crew to Your Production - StudioBinder

Invited users can swap between organizations

Discounted Plans 

Save 15% when you pay yearly

If you find yourself using StudioBinder longterm for team collaboration, upgrading to an annual plan can save you 15%. Depending on the plan, that can add up to 2 months of StudioBinder for free every year.

Explore company plans on the pricing page, and be sure to toggle yearly.

If you have a plan already, update your plan via the billing page.

What's Next

Explore company plans now

Now that you know how to add users to an organization, explore our company plans. Invite team members and take your productivity to the next level with team collaboration.

Explore Company Plans →
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