Thor never had the most popular films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wasn’t as popular as Iron Man, and his films weren’t as critically-acclaimed as Captain America’s. That all changed with the third film in his series, Thor: Ragnarok. Even from just the Thor: Ragnarok script, you could tell this was going to be a much different movie. With hilarious dialogue, emotional plot points, and a great ending, what else can we learn from this particular Thor script?

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WHO WROTE Thor: ragnarok SCRIPT?

Written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, and Christopher L. Yost

Eric Pearson has written a lot for Marvel since enrolling in their screenwriting program in 2010. He also wrote the screenplay for
Black Widow and wrote for the TV series Agent Carter.

Craig Kyle is a writer for Marvel Comics. He’s perhaps best known for creating the character of X-23, and he served as an executive producer for Thor and Thor: The Dark World before writing the screenplay for Thor: Ragnarok.

Christopher L. Yost has written for comic books, cartoon series, and films. He’s worked as a writer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Star Wars Rebels as well as Thor: The Dark World.




The film opens with a great action sequence of Thor fighting Surtur and his minions. It’s during this scene we learn how Thor has been trying to prevent Ragnarok from coming to Asgard.

Inciting Incident

Upon his return to Asgard, Thor learns Loki has taken the place of Odin. They decide to travel to Earth together to find him.

Plot Point One

Odin dies. And through his death, Hela is able to return. Hela destroys Mjölnir and banishes Thor to Sakaar.

Rising Action

Thor is forced into a gladiator-style tournament where he has to fight none other than Hulk.


The midpoint of the Thor: Ragnarok screenplay occurs around Page 64. Thor receives a vision from Heimdall about what Hela intends to do with Asgard. Thor also receives information about how he can return to his home world.

Plot Point Two

Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, and Loki steal the Grandmaster’s pleasure yacht, and after a thrilling chase, escape through a wormhole back to Asgard.

Build Up

Once on Asgard, Thor fights Hela, and Hulk and Valkyrie work to board the remaining Asgardians back onto a ship while fighting off Hela’s horde.


Thor realizes that Asgard is just a place. To save his people, Thor must cause Ragnarok, paying off the set-up that happened in the first scene in the movie.


Thor, his friends, and the rest of the Asgardians are now on a ship floating through space. Thor accepts his role as king, and he states that their destination is Earth.

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Thor: Ragnarok Script Takeaway #1

Thor: Ragnarok Quotes

One of the things you immediately notice about the Thor: Ragnarok dialogue is how funny it is. The best Marvel movies are known for their humor, but Ragnarok really kicks it up a notch.

Look at the famous “He’s a friend from work” section of the screenplay we imported into StudioBinder's screenwriting software. We know how funny that "friend from work" moment is but read the entire scene — there are so many other inside jokes and clever one-liners that send this scene over the top.

Thor: Ragnarok Quotes  •  Arena Battle  •  Read Full Scene

The scene is funny because it works against our expectations. The scene was set-up as being some epic battle between a monstrosity, but it turns out to be Hulk. The audience is thrilled to see another beloved superhero, and Thor’s reaction matches that of the audience.

Thor: Ragnarok  •  Gladiator Fight

Thor: Ragnarok was a drastic departure from his films in the past. The funny dialogue helps make it clear that audiences are in for something very different from what they got with Thor: The Dark World.

Other noteworthy quotes include:

  • “Piss off, ghost!”
  • “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I'm kind of like the leader in here. I'm made of rocks, as you can see, but don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be afraid, unless you're made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you.”
  • “I have been falling... for 30 minutes!”
  • “Yeah, it's called the... uh... Revengers!”
  • “Surtur! Son of... a bitch! You're still alive! I thought my father killed you like, half a million years ago.”

Thor: Ragnarok Script Takeaway #2

Thor: Ragnarok Characters

Thor: Ragnarok brings back plenty of classic characters like Thor, Loki, and Hulk. However, it introduces plenty of new ones who have gone on to become fan favorites. Korg is always fun to watch, but let’s look at the character introduction for Valkyrie. To fully grasp how much of a badass Valkyrie is, read the entire scene.

Thor: Ragnarok Characters  •  Scrapper #142  •  Read Full Scene

She’s described as a “beautiful and ruthless asskicker,” and that description is paid off with the line, “He’s mine.”

However, we also see how much of a drunk she is. Chugging a bottle of booze and then smashing it against the ship is kind of cool, but when she falls off her ship, we see how trashed she truly is. The booze isn’t just a funny quirk. She has a problem.

Thor: Ragnarok  •  Valkyrie’s Entrance

A single scene raises so many questions about this new character. Who is she? What’s she doing on this planet? Why does she drink so much? It creates intrigue and keeps the audience invested in this new person.

Thor: Ragnarok Script Takeaway #3

Thor: Ragnarok Ending

Like many Marvel movies, Thor: Ragnarok kind of has two endings. The true Thor: Ragnarok plot comes to a close after Thor, his friends, and the Asgardians board the Ark. 

This ending pays off the entire trilogy. In the first movie, Thor has to learn to be worthy of one day accepting the throne. In Ragnarok, he finally takes it and becomes the king he was always destined to be.

Thor: Ragnarok Ending  •  Where To?  •  Read Full Scene

Unfortunately, Infinity War came out the following year. So, the mid-credit scene sets up that movie, and things don’t go as planned with Thor’s newfound reign.

Thor: Ragnarok  •  Sanctuary-2

In this way, the movie gets to have its cake and eat it, too. The main plot is wrapped up nicely, but we also know we’re going to see these characters return, and they will have some big problems to deal with.

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