When it comes to buying new headphones, I’m a firm believer in trying them out for yourself – you have to hear the difference. But depending on who you are and what you plan on using your headphones for, there are some deal breakers to know upfront. This post will save you some time giving you initial insight to help make the best purchase. So what are the best wireless headphones to date? Here’s our top pick for the best wireless over ear headphones, and then our five favorite wireless earbuds. Let’s go.

What are the Best Wireless Headphones

Best wireless over ear headphones

1. Sony WH-1000XM3

The best noise-cancelling headphones out there. They sound better than even the Bose’s QC35 II (we’ll get to this one soon), and they block out noise substantially better. They have a feature called Attention Mode which lets noise in without having to take off the headphones. 

Pros: 30 hour battery life, incredible sounding audio, near perfect noise-cancelling technology, fairly comfortable

Cons: Can only pair with one device at a time, doesn't offer bluetooth 5.0

Price: $348 on Amazon

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2. Jabra Elite 85H

Great sounding headphones with a ton of personalization. But it does lack high-end codec support and the bass could be punchier, especially for the price point. 

Pros: 36 hour battery life, incredible ANC performance, stylish

Cons: Weak bass, lacks support for high end codecs

Price: $299 on Amazon

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3. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

All of the typical luxuries of Bose. Great noise-cancelling and sound quality. But of course, comfort takes the lead here. Though, these headphones come equipped with Google Assistant, which is probably why they’re so much more expensive than the original Bose QC35. Grab those if Google Assistant isn’t necessary for you - the quality is exactly the same.

Pros: Comfort, state of the art noise-cancelling, 20 hour battery life, broad and clear sound

Cons: Boring look, active EQ an acquired taste

Price: $319 on Amazon

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4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Incredible sounding headphones as usual from this company. The microphone isn’t the best, but that may be the only downside with these, and likely not a downside at all. They’re designed for pretty high-end audio performance and they sure deliver. 40 hour battery life, with a frequency response range of 15-28,00 Hz.

Pros: Affordable, great sound quality, long battery life, comfortable

Cons: Cumbersome design, poor quality microphone so hard to make phone calls on

Price: $199 at most retailers, $170 on Amazon

Audio Technica wireless headphones review

5. Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless

We had to get a little bougie. These are the most expensive headphones you can buy. And they are the best wireless headphones on the market if you can afford them. They have the best sound quality and you’ll likely never want to take them off. They also have a fairly long battery life, but aren’t the best when it comes to noise-cancelling. 

Pros: Sound quality second to none, comfort, long battery life

Cons: Bulky, not the best noise-cancelling, (makes traveling hard), extremely expensive

Price: $690 on Amazon

Most expensive wireless over ear headphones

Best Wireless Headphones

Best wireless earbuds

1. Optoma NuForce BE Sport4

These earbuds are incredibly dynamic and seem to work in all situations. You can run with them, or keep them on at home. Great sound quality, 10 hour battery life, and comfortable ear tips. 

Pros: Rich audio, customizable ear tips, smart design, water resistant, very affordable

Cons: Not built for one-ear listening

Price: $59 on Amazon

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2. Jabra Elite 65t

Great bluetooth wireless headphones! Practical and perfect for phone calls. With volume and track controls, you can access your digital assistant (if you’re into that) easily. Five hour battery life.

Pros: Transparency mode to hear outside noise, great for phone calls, quality sound

Cons: Shorter battery life than competitors

Price: $139 on Amazon

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3. RHA MA390 Wireless

These headphones aren't for the audiophile, but provide decent sound quality for the price point, which is why they made the list. You may like the company’s MA650 Wireless model. It's more expensive but gives a cleaner sound. 

Pros: Affordable, good sound for the price

Cons: No accompanying app, not the best sound comparatively

Price:$30 on Amazon

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4. OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Really well balanced sound and a strong wireless connection. Also, excellent for the price point. 

Pros: Affordable, strong wireless connection

Cons: Better sound quality in competitors, not the best for exercising

Price: $69 at OnePlus (jumps to $140 on Amazon, often out of stock)

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5. Jaybird Tarah Pro

For the mega athlete. Durable design and fitness focused. Lightweight design and fabric covered cord connecting the two earbuds, can sit on your neck after a workout without sticking to you. Great battery life doesn’t hurt either. This is the upgrade from the original Jaybird Tarah line, and it may be worth the extra 60 bucks.

Sound is awesome as usual, but the Pro comes with an app that lets you customize your sound profile. 

Pros: Great fit, durable, fitness friendly, 14 hour battery life

Cons: Pricey

Price: $160 at most retailers

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