Whether you’re a marketer for a film studio or somebody looking for better ways to self-promote, you should know what it takes to make an awesome EPK. But what is an EPK? We’re going to answer the question “what is an EPK” by looking at its definition. Then, we’ll show you how to make an eye-catching EPK by breaking down some real-world examples. By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools needed to make a promotional package that will help get the word out.

What is an Electronic Press Kit

Marketing & promotion in the digital age

No matter the product, gadget, film, album, or anything you're trying to market, the delivery of information is key. Who's involved with the project, what are some interesting facts about it, what are the details and specifications? The best way to answer these questions and more is with a promotional package. These days, this often take the form of an EPK.

Before we look at what's included in these kits, let's start with a definition.


What is an EPK?

An EPK is a digital set of promotional materials. Otherwise known as electronic press kits, these packages are used by many industries in their promotional and marketing strategies. Businesses use electronic press kits to promote just about everything; retail listings, game releases, movie showcases, you name it. Artists often use EPKs as interactive resumes.

Who Should Use Electronic Press Kits?

  • Artists
  • Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

EPK Meaning

What is included in an electronic press kit?

So, what is included in an electronic press kit? Depending on the product or project being promoted, different elements should be included. When promoting a film, for example, most kits should have the following: 

  • Artist bio/company bio/product information
  • Services/industry placement
  • Press shot/poster
  • Contact information 
  • Outbound links and/or video embeds

For more on what should be included in an electronic press kit, check out this next video.

What is an Electronic Press Kit And How Can You Use It For Promotion? By Cision Global

Electronic press kits may not be the most complicated things in the world, but they’re incredibly hard to master; good formatting, design, and copy make a world of difference to the strength of an electronic press kit.

Electronic Press Kit Examples

EPK examples & how to make an EPK

Electronic press kits are useful tools for anybody and everybody interested in promoting materials. However, they’re especially useful for musicians; a good electronic press kit can make or break a booking. If you’re a musician, check out this next video to see how to make an EPK. 

How to Make An EPK By WaterBear – The College of Music

Bruce of WaterBear makes some great points in the video above, especially in regards to including a press shot (not a live shot), ONE great music video, and stats that highlight a positive career trajectory. 

Here are some EPK template examples from Bandzoogle:

What is an EPK - Examples

EPK Examples, via Bandzoogle

Remember, electronic press kits are resumes for artists; if you’re an artist, make sure to highlight your strengths as much as possible.

Press kits aren’t just used by musicians though – in fact, they’re often used by film industry professionals too. However, there’s an important distinction. Whereas music EPKs are usually used to promote the artist first and foremost, film press kits are almost always predominantly used to promote the art

Here’s a template example:

Whats an EPK in Film • Film EPK Examples

Film EPK Examples

Truth be told, movie press kits are only circulated on a very specific basis; i.e., for festivals and awards season. Speaking from experience, movie producers and studios usually send out press releases instead of electronic press kits; unless for review purposes.


Ultimate Guide to Creating an EPK

EPKs are important tools for creatives and marketing professionals. We briefly touched on some tips and tricks on how to create one – but there’s so much more to the process than what we went over here. In our next article, we break down all the essential tips for making a great film kit. By the end, you’ll be ready to make and market a film of your own.

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