You can now send call sheets as texts. Increase your confirmation rate by reaching your busy cast and crew the most convenient way possible. Send to-the-point texts, select your recipients at no additional cost to your premium plan.


But that’s just the pitch.

The beauty’s in the details.

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Simple and clear messaging

Introducing SMS Call Sheets - The Convenient Way to Send Call Sheets - SMS Call Sheet

You’ll see a new button on your Preview page to view the SMS call sheet. Each text message features a unique call time and a link to confirm on the online call sheet.

Ultra-convenient for the busy cast and crew, ‘I didn’t get the call sheet’ won’t be an excuse again.

Easy to enable or disable

Introducing SMS Call Sheets - The Convenient Way to Send Call Sheets - Include SMS Call Sheet Toggle

Including an SMS call sheet is dead simple. 

Just hit Include SMS toggle in the Send Call Sheet pop-up and your crew will receive a text message with their call time information. 

Available in every country

Introducing SMS Call Sheets - World Map.-min

SMS call sheets are available in every country and included on the Indie plan & above. With no additional text messaging fees, send as many texts as you like whenever you like.

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Create & send call sheets easier. Track views and RSVP’s instantly.

Create call sheets like a pro. Send via email or text. Track the views and RSVP's in a snap.

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StudioBinder Call Sheet Template and Software - Create call sheets online
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