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What is Pre-Production in Film - Header - StudioBinder

What is Pre-Production in Film? A Blueprint for Success

Pre-production can be overwhelming even for the seasoned producer. It requires knowledge of many facets of production, as well as an ability to prevent potential crises down the line. It’s not always easy but if you stay organized, it's pretty simple. So what is pre-production? When does it start and when does it end? This post will answer those questions and will give a quick rundown. (more…)

What is a Call Sheet - Header

What is a Call Sheet? The Essentials for a Smooth Production

You may have heard the term “call sheet” many times. But if you’ve never sent one out yourself, you may not know everything they need and why they are so essential to every production. So what is a call sheet and what goes on it? (more…)

5 Best Practices for Sending Call Sheets - Feature - StudioBinder

5 Best Practices for Prepping and Sending Out Call Sheets

Whether you're a 1st AD or in the production unit, these best practices could help prevent common mistakes that occur as you start sending call sheets to talent & crew. (more…)

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Customer Success: How Diana Fisk Streamlined the Call Sheet Process

L ogistics. Your average filmmaker’s worst nightmare. A good film producer, however, knows that the better organized a shoot is, the better the outcome for everyone involved. Historically this has included number different documents, over numerous different programs. For me personally, it involved spreadsheets, running sheets and never-ending ‘to do’ lists. However, with the emergence of all things tech, things are getting a heck of a lot easier for anyone looking to be more organized on a shoot. Let me show you how. (more…)

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4 Call Sheet Builder Updates that Save You a Bunch of Time

We have just made the process of creating call sheets even more intuitive. Our latest update allows you to personalize crew positions effortlessly, hide Talent and Client details, and remove recipients from a call sheet with ease. Pretty slick, right? Let's dive deeper into the details. (more…)

How Call Sheets Are Approved on Features and Television - Featured Image - StudioBinder

How Call Sheets are Approved on Features and Television Shows

Call sheet protocols vary depending on the scale and type of production (documentary, narrative, still, commercial, live etc.). In this article we outline how call sheets are approved on features and television projects. (more…)

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How Call Sheets are Approved on Short Form, Music Videos, and Commercials

Call sheet formats can vary dramatically depending on the type of project (documentary, narrative, still, commercial, live etc.). We talked to two 1st ADs about their process of creating call sheets and getting them approved. (more…)