We have just made the process of creating call sheets even more intuitive. Our latest update allows you to personalize crew positions effortlessly, hide Talent and Client details, and remove recipients from a call sheet with ease. Pretty slick, right? Let’s dive deeper into the details.


1. Customize crew positions and departments.

Personalize Film Crew Positions and Departments on Call Sheet - StudioBinder

For extra convenience, you can customize position titles and department names without leaving the Call Sheet Builder.

You can also reorder hierarchies to better fit your production’s preferences. 

When you’re done, set them as the new default, and save time on your next call sheet.

2. Better privacy controls for talent and VIP executives.

Hide Film Production Client and Cast Details on Call Sheet

When it comes to talent and clients, privacy can be a top priority. You can now set Talent and Client grids to be completely hidden from view while still ensuring they receive the call sheet.

3. Remove call sheet recipients in a snap.

Remove Film Cast and Crew on Call Sheet Production Software - StudioBinder

Previously, removing a recipient was a multi-step process. Now you can remove recipients right on Step 3 of the Call Sheet Builder! Just hover over a contact and click the trash bin.

Stay in your flow and get more work done, faster.

4. Remove times on schedule items, anytime.

Call Sheet StudioBinder - Remove Individual Call Time

Ever wanted to add a schedule item to a call sheet without a specific time? 

Good news – now you can! Just click the “Remove” button in your timepicker and you’re all set.

Go annual and save 15%!

You can now pay for StudioBinder annually and save. By switching your premium plan to yearly, we’ll discount the plan by 15%. Depending on the plan, that can add up to 2 months of StudioBinder for free, every year.

Just login and go to your Billing page to update your plan and save.

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