Panasonic’s GH5s mirrorless camera sets an entirely new standard for mirrorless video with its 10 bit Cinema 4K video and its multi-aspect sensor allowing for higher quality footage. The larger field of view makes it great in lower light situations. Let’s take a look at some footage from indie filmmakers, to see a little bit of what it can do.

Best Footage

Panasonic GH5s footage

YouTube channel, Cinema5d takes us into the life of Alba Fortuny, a filmmaker from Barcelona, as she films a documentary about the cultural happenings in Berlin.

All of the footage was shot on a Panasonic GH5s.

Shoot docs

The next video is filmed on a Panasonic GH5s. TheCameraStoreTV YouTube channel, hosted by Chris Niccolis gives a look at what the GH5s can do in low light situations.

At the iconic McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan, Chris educates us on the multi-aspect sensor and its unique capabilities.

Use the GH5s in low lighting

Next up comes from filmmaker Jacob James, who shot an entire short film on the Panasonic GH5s.

See the cinematic qualities of the GH5s

We’ll end with a super scenic reel from YouTuber Matteo Bertoli. 

Incredible landscapes and cinematic shots

The Panasonic GH5s has a price point just under two grand but is worth the money depending on what you're shooting. Photographers may not prefer this as there is no in-body stabilization. 


Best Footage from the URSA Mini Pro

Blackmagic is at it again with an update to the URSA Mini Pro, the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2. Get inspired with some incredible footage from both.

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