What is the fastest and most efficient way to clearly communicate all of the vital information about an upcoming photoshoot to all of the necessary people? The answer is: with a call sheet. We created our own custom photoshoot call sheet template, and you can download it for free. We will break down the various sections of the template, explain how to use it, and offer some tips for customizing the template to best suit your individual needs.

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Download our free call sheet template

If you are in a need of a photoshoot call sheet template, then look no further.

Our custom call sheet template includes sections for all of the key information a call sheet needs to communicate, and the best part is, it’s free. If you are in need of a call sheet template for a feature-film shoot or other production, we’ve got you covered there too. And, if you prefer to make your own call sheets from scratch, our call sheet builder makes the process smooth and easy.

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Now, let’s dig into each of the sections in the photoshoot call sheet template in more detail.

Simple Photoshoot Call Sheet Template

The different sections of our template

If you download our photoshoot call sheet, you will find that the template is divided into a number of sections. Each section focuses on a different type of communication that the call sheet is meant to convey to each recipient. Speaking of recipients, here's a quick tutorial on how to add contacts.

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Let’s take a closer look at each section. The time, date, and location of the photoshoot, arguably the most vital pieces of information for a call sheet, are situated right at the top of our template. A call sheet is a great short-term scheduling tool.

StudioBinder’s production calendar software is a great tool for planning out photoshoots farther in advance.

A section is included in our template for the concept or mission statement of the photoshoot. This section is optional, but many photographers find it helpful to focus their creative energies toward a specific goal and to keep that goal in mind throughout the photoshoot.

Whether capturing portraits or high-art photography, defining the creative intent of the photoshoot ahead of time is a smart idea. Be sure to choose the best lenses for portraits or any other type of creative photography.

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There is also a section on our photoshoot call sheet template for personnel. This personnel section is divided into talent and crew and notes each crew person’s positions. For an explanation of the various roles, be sure to take a look at our ultimate guide to film crew positions.

The equipment section of our template is especially useful if your photoshoot requires any specialized gear.

And the props and wardrobe section may prove invaluable in a prop-heavy photoshoot or one that requires a number of outfit changes.

The next section of our template is for detailed scheduling. You can use this portion of the template to develop a play-by-play itinerary for the photoshoot.

The final section of our call sheet template is used for contact info and if there are any special notes you would like to include, perhaps technical details such as shutter speedaperture, or ISO. Here's a quick guide to aperture.

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Our call sheet template even has the functionality to upload attachments. This is useful if you have reference photos or a mood board. Check out these mood board apps if you plan on making one.

Photo Call Sheet Template Free

How to use the template

One of the best features of our photoshoot call sheet template is that it is completely customizable. Only fill out the sections you need and tweak the call sheet template to best suit your individual needs.

If you are a one-man-band photographer, then you may not need to bother with the crew section of the call sheet. If there is only one subject for the photoshoot, you may be able to scale back the talent section of the call sheet. Remove or add sections to the call sheet template as needed.

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Once you have filled out the necessary information, you are ready to distribute the photoshoot call sheet to everyone who needs it. Be sure to send it out far enough ahead of time for everyone to get the message.

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StudioBinder’s file-sharing capabilities can help when it comes time to distribute the call sheet to all of the applicable personnel. When the call sheet is filled out and distributed, you are ready for your photoshoot, but be sure to double check that you are properly prepared.

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