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Best Post Apocalyptic Movies — How To Live in the End Times - Featured

Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies — The End is the Beginning

The post-apocalypse can often be one of the most intense and dynamic settings for a film. There have been many excellent post-apocalyptic films over the years but also plenty of not-so-good ones. Sorting through the deluge of '80s Mad Max knockoffs and contemporary low-budget, straight-to-DVD apocalyptic films can make finding the gems a little tricky. Today we present you with a list of the best post-apocalyptic movies ever made. (more…)

Best Directors of All Time - Featured (1)

55 Best Movie Directors of All Time and Their Greatest Films

The best movie directors of all time — the idea of such a list sparks immediate debate. Rather than try to impose any sort of definitive or objective best directors list, consider this more of a celebration of the entire medium. Woefully underrepresented on this list are women. While women have been an integral part of the film industry since the beginning, the opportunity to direct was rarely given to them. That means that any list that covers the entirety of film history will be unfortunately one-sided. Thankfully, women have been making great strides in reversing this over the years ...

Long Takes Creative Examples of Camera Movements - Angles - Featured

The Best Long Take Shots & How They Push the Story Forward

Creating one moment that stands out in the minds of the viewer after your film or tv show ends can be hard, but it is possible. The long take is one way to do it. Today we’re going to go over the best long takes in film and television.  (more…)

What is a Biopic Definition and Examples in Film - Featured

What is a Biopic? Definition and Examples of Biographical Films

Do you ever wonder what is a biopic, or what counts as a biopic? In contemporary cinema, biopic movies seem ...

Mastering the Shot List - Andrei Tarkovsky - Header - StudioBinder

Mastering the Shot List: Andrei Tarkovsky

Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky once said, “If during my work I find that a shot or a take might resemble what has already been done by another great director, I modify the scene to prevent that from happening.”Although the auteur only completed seven feature films, his singular cinematic style continues to inspire audiences.Here are some ways Andrei Tarkovsky movies employ effective shot design  (more…)

5 Film Techniques You Can Learn From Andrei Tarkovsky Right Now

Enigmatic filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky believed that creating the “pressure of time” was one of his key film techniques he used to keep audiences hooked. In this video essay, we’ll be digging into some of his most immersive techniques. (more…)