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How to Manage Shooting Locations in Studiobinder - Featured

How to Manage Shooting Locations in StudioBinder

INT. BATHROOM, EXT. SANTA MONICA PIER, EXT. NEW YORK STREET. What do all of these have in common? Well, first ...

How to Plan a Movie Shoot: 11 Essential Location Scouting Tips

In the process of video production, you’ll eventually need to start location scouting. But considering permits, fees, and logistics, it can be daunting to find locations that work for your budget. But the importance cannot be overestimated.Worry not! There is hope. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to get good locations. What you need is to keep a few things in mind before you start your location scouting. Today we’ll show you a few pointers that will get you ready to finalize the locations for your shoot. (more…)

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8 Residential Filming Locations for Your Budget in LA

If you’re an independent filmmaker or content creator, you may be looking for cheap filming locations in Los Angeles that still look good. It may be important for your movie location to be in the thirty mile zone. Fact is there are many great property owners who know the needs of filmmakers on a budget. In this post, we’ll take you through some of those residential film locations for rent, and explain why they’re so useful to filmmakers. (more…)

Crowdfunding Movies: A Foundational Guide to Short Film Funding Campaigns

Crowdfunding Movies: How I Raised $18,617 in Short Film Funding

Most filmmakers I know have tried and failed at crowdfunding. I failed, too, on my first attempt. But every time I researched shot film funding, crowdfunding was one of the first recommendations. It has become a ubiquitous film funding technique.So, I tried crowdfunding again. I studied successful crowdfunding campaigns and took courses on strategy. Ultimately I raised over $18,500 in short film funding for “The Pirate Captain Toledano.” Crowdfunding can be an incredibly powerful film funding tool - if you do it right.Here are some of the most important things I learned from my crowdfunding campaign. These are strategies and ...