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Best Movies on Netflix - Featured (Dec 2020)

Best Movies on Netflix — A Playlist for Filmmakers (December 2020)

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix for an hour trying to find something to watch? The next time that happens, put down the remote for a second and bring up this list. We’ll be updating this guide to the best movies on Netflix monthly, so all of you aspiring filmmakers out there can keep up with what you need to watch next. From horror to comedy and everything in between, it’s all gathered right here. We’ll rank each film based on its acting, filmmaking, writing, and overall entertainment value for people bored on Friday night. Of all ...

Academy Awards for Best Director - Featured Image

Academy Award for Best Director — Oscar Winners Ranked

The Academy Award for Best Director is the most prestigious honor any director can receive — well, at least in ...

Best ‘80s Movies of all Time — A Filmmaker Playlist - Featured

Best ‘80s Movies of all Time — A Filmmaker Playlist

The 1980s have a special place in the pop culture canon. It turns out a lot of great movies came out in this decade, which means limiting them to a list is not as easy as it sounds. While plenty of beloved films won’t be seen here, we did our very best to make sure we included iconic and important films of the decade, from surefire classics to cult favorites. In that conversation, the inevitable question always comes up: what are the best ‘80s movies of all time? Let’s not waste any more time and get right down to ranking. ...