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What is a Wide Angle Lens - Featured

What is a Wide Angle Lens? (And When to Use One)

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTO The benefits of using a wide angle camera lens can be found in the work of some of the best filmmakers from Steven Spielberg to Roman Polanski to Stanley Kubrick. What is a wide angle lens used for? The answer to that varies. Wide angle lenses can create visual and psychological effects depending on how they are used. Understanding these different effects is a great way for any filmmaker to learn how to make a scene more immersive. Before we dive into when to use a wide angle lens in film, you may be wondering ...

The Best Coen Brothers Films of All Time Ranked - Coens and Desks Video Essay

The Best Coen Brothers Movies Ranked (and Their Desk Motifs)

Joel and Ethan Coen are filmmakers that play by their own rules, and they seem to delight in this defiance. The plots are never straight forward — they are either slightly confusing and downright impossible. The satisfying ending you were hoping for may or may not come. Who are the Coen Brothers? And what makes them such a singular voice in Hollywood? This is a list of the best Coen Brothers movies ranked — which ended up being quite a difficult task. (more…)