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What is a Steadicam Shot and How Did it Revolutionize Cinema - Featured

What is a Steadicam Shot & How Did it Change Cinema?

Often the most impactful inventions in history have come about as a result of ...

What is Kubrickian - Stanley Kubrick Style Explained - Stanley Kubrick Movies Explained

Stanley Kubrick Directing Style Explained in 8 Parts

The saying goes, “If you’re going to steal, steal from the best.” So, is ...

Best Movies on HBO (Aug 2020) - Featured

Best Movies on HBO Right Now — Filmmaker Playlist (August 2020)

Though best known for producing many of the best television shows of all time, ...

Best ‘80s Movies of all Time — A Filmmaker Playlist - Featured

Best ‘80s Movies of all Time — A Filmmaker Playlist

The 1980s have a special place in the pop culture canon. It turns out ...

What is a Zoom Shot And What to Consider When Using One - Featured

What is a Zoom Shot and When You Should Use One

If you’re an aspiring cinematographer or director, you know that the camera is your ...

The Best Coen Brothers Films of All Time Ranked - Coens and Desks Video Essay

The Best Coen Brothers Movies Ranked (and Their Desk Motifs)

Joel and Ethan Coen are filmmakers that play by their own rules, and they ...

100 Best Horror Films of All Time - Featured

100 Best Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers

What are the best horror movies of all time? From zombies to your nextdoor ...

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