The credits start rolling and you see one producer title after another. Do you know what they all mean? Do you care? Well, if you want to move up in the industry, it’s pretty critical you know the basic difference between producing roles. This post covers the fundamentals what a co-producer is, and answers the question “what does a co-producer do?”

the role of the co-producer

What exactly does the co-producer do?

There are a ton of production credits at the end of a film or tv show. The co-producer is almost always there. We can assume what the role involves if we know what a producer is, but who are they really and what do they actually do? 

Let's define their title and then their day-to-day tasks.


What is a co-producer?

co-producer is someone who produces a project with another producer. They are considered an above-the-line producer. “Above-the-line” is a phrase used to characterize high-level decision-makers and talent.

Co-producers usually work right beneath the executive producer and often assists with finances, casting, and other high-level duties.  


  • Works jointly with another producer to oversee the project from development through post-production.
  • Provide notable value to project through their attachment, services rendered, essential equipment, locations, etc.
  • Film co-producers often works as second line producers.

Other key players may be dubbed a co-producer when they are instrumental in either funding the production or providing some other benefit like services or special equipment.

To learn more about producer nuances, check out our next article on line producing.

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