Motion graphic design is an excellent visual storytelling tool utilized more and more often. They engage viewers and communicate ideas in a brisk yet captivating manner.

With motion graphics, styles shift over time so it’s important to stay on top of trends. In this post, we’re going to go over a list of the biggest motion graphics trends of the last few years.

Let’s get started.

Top Motion Graphics Trends and Examples

Graphics Design styles

1. 2D and 3D blend motion graphic design

Motion graphic design videos tend to be all about blending. They often blend images and styles. We've begun to see this utilized increasingly over the last year.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration for - Motion graphic videos tend to be all about blending

Combining 2D and 3D

This video for PayPal from SESUCHT takes 2D elements that have a paper-like feel and brings them to life in 3D. The end result is something informative and visually arresting.

Familiar at first in its simplicity, then innovative in its movement.

2D and 3D blend in motion graphic design

The motion graphics designer transforms familiar 'paper cut out' type artwork into a 3D motion graphic. This concept fuels the motion graphics inspiration.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Motion graphics videos that combine 2D and 3D art can be very effective

Combination can be very effective

The function of the brand is communicated in the artwork itself. Pretty cool.

Consider also that this motion graphic designer’s work is so strong that you can understand the piece even if you don't speak the language.

Let's talk about soil by IASS Vimeo Channel is another excellent example of mixing 2D and 3D:

Mixing 2d and 3d

Here the 2D and 3D elements combine to create a dynamic bird's eye view.

As we learn data about soil, 2D and 3D motion graphics morph and change before us. It's another excellent example of motion graphic design.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Motion graphic inspiration from the ground up

Motion graphic inspiration from the ground up...

What might otherwise seem dry information becomes fascinating to behold. This is often the power and effect of strong motion graphic design work. Adding the blend of 2D and 3D art takes it yet another step forward.

motion graphics trends

2. Seamless transitions

Seamless transitions are growing in popularity and for good reason. They move fluidly without interruption, pushing attention forward.

Take a look at this Lincoln Luxury ad by Luis Paris:

Lincoln - luxury uncovered

The work is mesmerizing. The unending flow of the visuals keeps the viewer guessing. When copy comes in with words like “adapt” it nestles right at home within the world of ever-shifting visuals.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Seamless transitions the copy can help create motion graphic inspiration

Sometimes the copy can help create motion graphic inspiration

Another excellent example is this piece The Confidante by Not To Scale for Hyatt:

The Confidante (Director's Cut)

This motion graphic design works in some retro feeling design elements. Art deco mixed with nostalgic travel ads.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Motion graphic designer seems to have been inspired by the art and culture of the location

Inspired by the art and culture of the location

The concept of being whisked away on a whirlwind vacation comes to vibrant life here.

graphic design styles

3. Kinetic Typography

Again, this is not a new trend, but certainly one that is poised to expand. You’ve likely seen it in plenty of ads and commercials.

Cool motion graphic design where the copy is brought to life through dynamic motions.

Kinetype - Hey

As you can see in Kinotype by Francois Pellae above, it’s a fairly simple way to reinforce the purpose of copy. In effect it brings words to life.

Here is another good example by motion graphic designer Eloi Casamayor titled Be Water, My Friend:

Be water, my friend

Both examples tell a visual story using a quote, or copy.

They make sure the words aren’t lost on the viewer, and even better, that certain words make more impact.

If you need some persuasive techniques, check some articles out below.

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motion graphic design inspiration

4. Double exposure

Double exposure dates back to exposing actual film. However, its application in modern motion graphic design work is fresh, creating a dramatic and memorable through overlapping imagery.

True Detective Season 1 opening credits featured some of the best motion graphic design, and most effective imagery, you’ll ever see. 

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - HBO series True Detective feat motion graphic design in its opening that was truly a game changer

True Detective features game changing motion graphic design

The story of two detectives haunted by an unsolved heinous criminal conspiracy in the American South is visualized perfectly.

True Detective Season 1 opening credits

Motion graphics designers expect this double exposure feature will be utilized even more regularly in the coming years.

And why not?

By mashing up multiple images the motion graphic designer creates a powerful juxtaposition instantly.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Double exposre and the quality of work can inspire other motion graphic ideas

Hopefully this quality of work can inspire other motion graphics ideas.

The church, the detective, and the flames align to tell a story in just one image. One that reflects the exact themes of the piece itself.

graphic design inspiration

5. Retro Motion Graphics

Nostalgia is an effective tool. Architecture, interior design, even cocktail culture, all benefit from a familiar retro vibe.

So why shouldn't motion graphic design as well?

One tool available is to add grain and noise to a motion graphics video. This helps lend a camera-like quality to the imagery. It breaks up the razor-sharp stiffness of flat imagery to create a more organic effect.

What might have appeared stock can feel retro-familiar and handcrafted. Check out this Ubihom Winter explainer video from SKILZ:

Explainer video

The motion graphic design has a subtle grainy film-like quality. This lends a familiarity to a video about keeping one's home warm, and safe.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Motion graphics video uses grain and noise to convey familiarity and warmth

Conveys a familiarity and warmth

The familiarity of something retro can also be cool, or even funny. Take a look at Chrome, VHS recordings and the Illuminati by Arkuma.

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - 80s style makes for very cool motion graphics

Or was it?

In this case, it seems motion graphic inspiration came from VHS ads from the 1980's.

motion graphics webistes

6. The best motion graphic sites

There are further resources for staying abreast with new motion graphic inspiration and trends

Column Five Media put a list together of the best 100 motion graphic examples. It’s a great list to peruse.

You can also easily search for dedicated motion graphics videos on Vimeo channels and Pinterest pages. You can also find cutting-edge motion graphics in music videos as another source of inspiration.



Motion graphic design trends will continue to change. The key will always be to link the tools to the messaging. Does blending 2D and 3D art fit the product?

Motion Graphic Design Inspiration - Wrapping up does 2D and 3D blend seamlessly

Here the product and motion graphic design meld seamlessly

Can seamless transitions help you convey the intended meaning? Or bring to life material that could come across as dry? Does a retro look spark some motion graphic design inspiration?

Motion graphic design videos are the dynamic sequence in a movie that conveys exposition. Pack it with critical information, and then make it as visually exciting as possible.

More and more with motion graphic design, bringing your most creative visual ideation to life is possible.

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