What is a Lens Flare - Joker Featured - StudioBinder

What is Lens Flare? How to Get It & How to Avoid It

What is lens flare? It’s probably appeared on some of your photos or footage. Sometimes it ruins images, and sometimes it surprises you and makes you feel like you are the greatest photographer in all the land.If you’re an aspiring photographer or filmmaker, though, you’ll probably want and need more control over your images. So, once we determine what is lens flare, we’ll provide some suggestions for how to avoid it and how to capture it. (more…)

Rule of Thirds - Joker Featured - StudioBinder

What is the Rule of Thirds? Definition and Examples in Film

What is the rule of thirds? Even if you’re a newbie photographer or filmmaker, you’re probably at least vaguely familiar with one rule of thirds definition or another.The rule of thirds is an effective way to frame the elements in your scene so that the resulting image is much more visually captivating. Like most other filmmaking “rules,” it’s not really a rule at all—more of a golden guideline. Still, if you don’t know how to define rule of thirds before you break it, the intentionality of your work may be lacking.It’s also an incredibly easy rule to try out: Any ...

Mastering Shot Lists - Rian Johnson - Cover Image

Mastering Shot Lists: Rian Johnson’s Movies and Directing Style (with Shot List Example)

Director Rian Johnson movies have a distinct visual and emotional style. Which is a pretty impressive feat given how young a filmmaker he is.  Most directors take a few films before they solidify their style. Here’s how you can learn to create a shot list like acclaimed director Rian Johnson -- just remember that for the Last Jedi, the star wipes were someone else’s idea first! (more…)

Whip Pan Swish Pan Effect - Header

What is a Whip Pan or Swish Pan: How to Shoot Whip Pan Transitions

Whip pans, swish pans, whip shot — whatever you call them, they are a great tool for creating seamless cuts and cool effects in your videos, but understanding how to build an effective whip pan is equally important. (more…)

The Best Cinematography Techniques - Dunkirk - Featured - StudioBinder

30 Best Cinematography Techniques & Tips You Didn’t Learn in Film School

Cinematography can mean a lot of things, but its ultimately about capturing your desired images. Communicating the various techniques used to capture these images is what separates a working professional and a student. (more…)

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How to Choose the Right Camera Lenses – Complete Buying Guide

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTO Finding the best camera lenses for your camera can vastly improve your images and overall production, but understanding camera lenses can be very time-consuming. (more…)

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Medium Shots: Creative Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

MEDIUM SHOTCOWBOY SHOTEXPLORE MORE SHOTS We've all seen films that constantly use medium shots, but how often do you notice? Every shot and edit matters. Today we're focusing on the medium shot. The visual glue of many scenes and films. (more…)

What is an Extreme Long Shot - Featured - StudioBinder

What’s an Extreme Long Shot? Framing Characters in a Location

WIDE SHOTEXTREME WIDE SHOTEXPLORE MORE SHOTS Even if you've seen only one movie in your entire life, it's likely that you've seen a number of long shots and extreme long shots.Filmmakers typically use these two shots to open or close a movie, or to invite audiences into a completely different world altogether. With that in mind, we're going to help you prep and plan establishing shots for your next project. First, let's break down the basics. (more…)

What is Chiaroscuro in Film - Chiaroscuro Definition - Header

What is Chiaroscuro in Film? Definition, Techniques, & Film Examples

For decades, filmmakers have been evolving and becoming more creative when considering lighting and other cinematic techniques. But even still, the methods of the past hold up. Lighting techniques such as chiaroscuro are one of the few. And for good reason. Though the style was popularized nearly a century ago, modern cinema still seems to recognize its value. So what is chiaroscuro in film? And how can we use it today? Let's find out. (more…)

The Aerial Shot - Header

The Aerial Shot: Creative Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

HIGH ANGLELOW ANGLEDUTCH ANGLEEYE LEVELOVERHEADAERIALEXPLORE MORE SHOTS When you’re inside a movie or TV show most of the world is built around the character's POV. That can feel limiting. But what about when the filmmaker takes you out of the world and reminds you that you’re a viewer and not a participant (like an aerial shot)? (more…)

What is Forced Perspective - Featured - StudioBinder4-min

What is Forced Perspective? Movie Examples and How to Trick the Eye

You don’t need to be a pro to use forced perspective. In fact, you’ve probably seen your friends post photos using the technique. Some of the most iconic films have worked with it, and even semi-professional photographers often grace the internet with the unique visual elements it often gives. So how can you use it and create new and innovative images or footage? Well why don’t we first answer what is forced perspective, and then jump right in. (more…)

Camera Lens Mount - Header Image

Camera Lens Mounts Explained: Types of Lens Mounts and Adapters

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTOMACROTILT SHIFTSPLIT DIOPTERFISHEYE Finding the right lens for your camera can vastly improve your images and overall production, but learning what you need to know about video and photo camera lenses can be expensive and time-consuming.   (more…)

How to Shoot a car chase scene - Header Image

How to Shoot The Best Car Chase Scene [Mad Max: Fury Road Example]

Car chase scenes are fantastic, but they are probably one of the most difficult things to capture. Even if you end up with a relatively successful experience on set, how can you be sure it will work in the edit? (more…)

Depth of Field Definition for Filmmaking and Photography - Header - StudioBinder

The Essential Guide to Depth of Field [with Examples]

Dof basicsShallow dofDeep dofDOF GuideTYPES OF CAMERA FOCUS The best photographers and cinematographers use depth of field knowledge for precise control over their images.Establishing your own visual style should occur before you step on set, and it begins with understanding how to control your depth of field. (more…)

Roger Deakins Cinematography Style - Feature - StudioBinder

Roger Deakins Cinematography Tips & Techniques: Complete Guide

Roger Deakins cinematography includes Fargo, Skyfall, Sicario, No Country for Old Men, and finally he won an Academy Award for Cinematography for Blade Runner 2049 and again in 2020 for 1917. While the Academy finally recognized Deakins work, most of us have been in awe of him long before that. We watched Roger Deakins movies, interviews, and used his blog to compile the best Roger Deakins cinematography tips & techniques. (more…)

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Low Angle Shot: Creative Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

HIGH ANGLELOW ANGLEDUTCH ANGLEEYE LEVELOVERHEADAERIALEXPLORE MORE SHOTS What do you get from a low angle shot? Does it make your character seem more powerful? Can it also signal vulnerability? Today, we cover the low angle shot, and how you can use it in your next film.  (more…)

High Angle Shot - Types of Camera Shots - Header

High Angle Shots: Creative Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

HIGH ANGLELOW ANGLEDUTCH ANGLEEYE LEVELOVERHEADAERIALEXPLORE MORE SHOTS The way you frame your actors or subjects conveys your message to the audience. Send the wrong one, and the audience goes packing. Today we’re going to go over high angle shots and how it’ll help you add subtext to your shot selection and variety to your shot list. (more…)

Best 360 Cameras - Featured - StudioBinder

17 Best 360 Cameras — The Ultimate Buying Guide (2020)

BIf you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your gear collection to a 360 camera, it’s good to know a bit about what’s out there. The majority of these omnidirectional cameras are video, but it’s noted when they’re solely for photography. This is a buying guide to the best 360 cameras on the market today. (more…)

What's in Your Shot List - Header

What’s in Your Shot List: How to Design and Communicate Your Vision

You’ve thoroughly read and re-read the script, and you can perfectly visualize what your finished movie is going to look like. But how can you make sure that what audiences will see on the screen will be the same as what’s in your mind’s eye? Easy peasy! You just need a Shot List.  (more…)

Cinema Verite - Featured - StudioBinder

Cinéma Vérité — Filmmaking Style That Keeps It Real

Cinéma vérité - literally “cinema of truth” - is a style of filmmaking you’ve probably seen more than you realize. You may even have studied it as part of your film education.As a technique, cinéma vérité has been a valuable tool for independent filmmakers for decades, not only for recording events as they happened, but also for telling intimate, character-driven narratives.In this post we’re going to talk about what cinéma vérité is and show you some modern examples of it. We’ll also show you how you can use the vérité style in your own storytelling. (more…)