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Different Types of Cameras - Featured - StudioBinder

Different Types of Cameras for Photography and Video (2020)

There are a million different types of cameras on the market. Which one should ...

What is a Telephoto Lens - Featured - StudioBinder

What is a Telephoto Lens? How to Get the Shots You Want

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTO Telephoto lenses are used by photographers from every skill ...

How to Use a Film Slate - Featured - StudioBinder

The Clapperboard Explained — How to Use a Film Slate

The humble film slate, scuffed and scratched and tossed casually aside between setups, is ...

Camera Stabilizer Gimbal Best Video Camera Stabilizers Header

15 Best Video Camera Stabilizers for Filmmakers in 2020

There are few things more frustrating than nailing a shot, only to realize later ...

ARRI Camera Stabilizers - Trinity - Featured - StudioBinder

4 Best ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems

If you’re like me, you and a few filmmaker friends love to send each ...

What is a Gimbal - Header

What is a Gimbal? How Can You Use Them to Shoot Better Videos

If you’re an aspiring videographer, or even cinematographer, you’ve probably used a gimbal. But ...

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