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Camera Lenses Explained Ebook - Book Cover

Camera Lenses Explained – Decoding the Types of Camera Lenses (Free Ebook)

Camera Lenses Explained: Vol. 1 (FREE Ebook)A comprehensive and accessible guide for photographers and cinematographers looking to master camera lenses.Get your free ebook hereEnter your email so we can send you the book. More Free Ebooks How to Use Color in Film (Palettes) GET THE BOOK How to Create Script Breakdowns GET THE BOOK How to Create Shooting Schedules GET THE BOOK Connect with us for more freebiesLIKE OUR PAGEFOLLOW ON THE 'GRAMFollow @StudioBinderFOR MORE VIDEOSSubscribe to Channel Showcase your vision with elegant shot lists and storyboards.Create robust and customizable shot lists. Upload images to make storyboards and slideshows.Learn More ...

Bracketing Photography Definition - Techniques Explained - Featured

Bracketing Photography Definition & Techniques Explained

Have you ever had only a few seconds to capture the perfect image because the sunlight was fading of the sunset or maybe the clouds were moving from that perfect position? And you look down at your camera only to be disappointed with a completely underexposed image. But when you look up, that moment is gone. Fortunately, there’s a way to capture these moments to ensure you get the shot. It’s called bracketing photography. In this article, we’ll break down how to do bracketing in photography so that you can get the perfect shot. (more…)

What is Focus Chart - Featured Image

What Is a Focus Chart, How They Work, and Where To Get One

Before you yell, “Action,” you need to make sure the subject in your frame is in the sharpest, cleanest focus possible. This is known as critical focus, and it makes all the difference in having a professional-looking video and an amateur one. You need the right tools on-set to properly calibrate your camera. Right now, you may ask yourself, “What is a focus chart?” But by the end of this post, you’ll understand why you need to acquire one immediately. (more…)

The Deakinizer Lenses - Featured - StudioBinder

Deakinizer Lenses & Tilt-Shift Effect — Vintage Style, Roger Deakins’ Look

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTO Roger Deakins is one of our favorite cinematographers to study because he is always pushing the envelope. Case in point, we’ll take a look at some “Deakinizer” lenses. We’ll give you a brief history of why he decided to alter lenses for an intended tilt-shift look. We’ll show you tilt-shift lens examples via cinematographer Kaity Williams from ASC Magazine. Before we jump into the "Deakinizer," here's a video breakdown of his work in 1917. (more…)

How to Clean Camera Sensor Cleaning - Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit - StudioBinder

How to Clean Camera Sensors: What to Consider to Avoid Damage

Cleaning camera sensors isn’t challenging, it just requires meticulousness and the know-how to do it safely, so you don’t damage your camera. And it’s easy to damage your camera when the sensor is wide open. Dust and other particles are flying around you all day, everyday, and the last thing you want to do is leave your sensor open for too long or too often. This article will show you how to clean camera sensors in a simple and safe way. Let’s get into it. (more…)