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Who is this Person Finding a Character Using Script Breakdown - Featured - StudioBinder

Who is This Person? Finding a Character Using the Script Breakdown

There’s an old film school thought experiment that asks about a character, “What does ...

What is Sarcasm - Featured - StudioBinder

What is Sarcasm? Definition and Examples in Film & TV

⌂ OverviewVerbal IronySituational IronyDramatic Irony What is sarcasm? As it turns out, it isn’t ...

Character Development - Header - StudioBinder

Character Development: Write Stronger Characters [with FREE Worksheet]

I f there’s one thing writers will agree on, it’s that character development is super ...

Best Movie Villains - Featured - StudioBinder

15 Best Realistic Movie Villains, Ranked for 2020

Who is the best movie villain of all time? There are a number of ...


Writing a Sitcom Script: Analyzing Seinfeld Scripts [FREE PDF]

A comprehensive article that breaks down why Seinfeld scripts were so good at identifying ...

TV Writing and Development - Character Development Sheet Template - Header - StudioBinder

TV Character Development [Character Profile Sheet Template] — TV Writing & Development: Ep2

EPISODE 2TV WRITING & DEVELOPMENT MASTERCLASSCharacter Development:FREE Character Profile Sheet TemplateA great television show ...

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