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Best Movie Sequels of All Time - Featured

Best Movie Sequels of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers

Audiences and filmmakers alike love sequels. And we all love to rank  and debate which are the “greatest.”  But deciding which films belong on a “best movie sequels of all time” list can feel overwhelming. How does one choose from every film ever made? And how to rank one above the other? While such a list is by definition subjective, it doesn’t have to be arbitrary. One way of more rigorously determining if a movie is the best in a certain category is by ranking it according to aggregated scores across categories. To determine the best sequels of all time ...

The Batman 2021 - Cast, Set Photos, Release Date and What We Know So Far

The Batman 2021: Cast, Set Photos, Release Date and What We Know So Far

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman (2021) is one of the most highly anticipated movies in the world. But although the film has generated enormous pre-release hype, the history of its production is littered with roadblocks and challenges. We’re going to break down everything we know so far about the new Batman movie by looking at the film’s cast and crew, story details, and expected release date. (more…)

What is VFX - VFX Definition and VFX Meaning Explained - With VFX Examples

What is VFX? Defining the Term and Creating Impossible Worlds

Thanks to movies and television, we’ve all experienced fantastical worlds that could never exist on our Earthly plane. Even if we don’t typically enjoy the fantasy genre, we’ve definitely seen these effects in action — whether in cinema, commercials or even video games. This post explores how to create these worlds using visual effects. So what is VFX? How and why do filmmakers use it? We’ll explore VFX by defining the term with epic examples from some of your favorite films. (more…)

Best Movies of 2014 - Featured

The Best Movies of 2014 — The Year in Review

Best of...20102011201220132014201520162017201820192010-2019 2014 was a year of innovations. Boyhood was shot over the span of 12 years to show the young actor growing up in real-time. Birdman brought the concept of a one-shot (or seemingly one-shot) film to the masses. But it was also the year where entertaining blockbusters (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to name two) held artistic merit and were worthy to stand among Oscar contenders.Looking back on the past decade, 2014 was a great year at the movies. As part of StudioBinder’s ongoing series to examine films of the ...