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Best Adapted Screenplay Winners - Featured - StudioBinder-min

Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Winners — 20 Great Scripts in 20 Years

With the last 19 Oscar ceremonies behind us, we’re now well into the 21st century. Seems like a good time to look back at the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar winners and consider how they rank. (more…)

Best Sound Mixing - Featured - StudioBinder

Best Sound Mixing — 20 Oscar-Winning Movies Ranked (2020)

For many viewers, Best Sound Mixing is often overlooked by all of the other categories at the Oscars. But it is a highly technical craft that is also incredibly creative. Mixing is the process of matching audio levels of every single sound in order to make the film sound seamless, realistic, and sharp. Sound mixers add their touch to the story. Movies that require a ton of sounds in a single scene, (music, explosions, even unique ways to capture silence), demand a kind of precision and artistry not always appreciated by the typical movie-goer. This post ranks the Academy Award ...