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What is Mise en Scene in Film - Mise en Scene Definition and Meaning - Mise En Scene Examples and Elements

What is Mise en Scène in Film: Definition and Examples

Mise en scène. It’s a fancy looking phrase that you’ve seen floating around many film-related articles, carrying with it an immediate sense of snobbery. Don't worry, you're not the first person to ask "what is mise en scene?" After today, you’ll have a better sense of this concept and its fundamentals so you can apply it in your next project. (more…)

Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers - Featured

25 Best Movie Soundtracks That Changed the Game

Music plays an integral role in how a movie communicates tone. When thinking about a movie, we often recall back to a moment when the soundtrack swelled at the perfect moment, how it transported us to other worlds, or interweaved popular culture into the narrative. We can learn a lot from how filmmakers use music in their films, so without further ado, here’s our list of the best movie soundtracks of all time. Note on criteria: No orchestral scores appear on this list. Although we’re huge fans of composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Joe Hisaishi, and Ennio Morricone, we ...

Wes Anderson style header StudioBinder

Best Wes Anderson Movies, Ranked for Filmmakers

The aesthetic of Wes Anderson can be seen from miles away. His directing style is delicate but deliberate, and his eye for color and set design is undeniable. Quirky character after quirky character, they all remain strangely original. Each costume seems to be tailored to their personalities, and the extraordinary little performances we experience in each film feel more like reading a storybook than watching an actual movie. So here are the best Wes Anderson movies ranked. (more…)

Best Romantic Comedies - Featured Image

Best Romantic Comedies of All Time, Ranked for Romantics

Tired of scrolling through Netflix? Feeling lonely? Searching for 'the one'? No matter what prompted you to Google "best romantic comedies," by the time you leave, two things are certain: you’ll be inspired to make your own list of favorites and you’ll open up that ice cream tub and turn on the TV. So, without further ado, here are the best romantic comedies of all time. (more…)

Best Dark Comedy Movies and TV Shows - Header - StudioBinder

70 Hilarious Dark Comedy Movies & TV Shows | Dark Humor in 2020

The best dark comedy movies and TV shows go for the jugular. It’s not enough to just be edgy, or even malicious. You need to tap into deep, disturbing levels of discomfort… and build a summer home. We made the ultimate list of dark comedy movies and TV shows, plus a video essay that takes a deep dive into one dark comedy, The Lobster. Let’s jump into our list of the best dark comedy movies and TV shows. (more…)

Shooting Schedule Film Montage - Header - StudioBinder

How to Efficiently Schedule a Montage: Pro Tips for Producers & 1st ADs

Amovie montage can accomplish many things, from interweaving multiple storylines to delivering jokes. But accounting for a montage in your production schedule is no laughing matter. What can be summed up in two or three lines in a script, translates to many more minutes on screen. So how does the savvy producer or 1st AD go about making heads or tails of scheduling a montage? We'll examine a montage scene, and see how to format it in such a way that the new version lends itself to the shooting schedule nearly perfectly. And we'll do it all in StudioBinder! Let's ...

Wes Anderson Directing Style Explained - The Visual Style - Feature Image - StudioBinder

The Wes Anderson Style Explained

What is the Wes Anderson style? Is it a mixture of vintage tchotchkes, droll repartee, and houndstooth? Well … yes, but there's more to it than that, a lot of which has generally gone unnoticed. We'll break down the Wes Anderson style and its components, which will help you define your own cinematic habits so that, one day, film students can become overly possessive of your movies. We also provide Wes Anderson's filmography and a rankings list of the best Wes Anderson movies to so you know which are essential viewing.  (more…)

Top Best Comedy Movies of All Time - Feature - StudioBinder

The Best Comedy Movies of All Time: Funny Movies to Inspire Filmmakers

The difference between a funny movie and a truly great comedy is subjective. So, when it comes to writing a successful comedy, many writers want to appeal to the lowest common denominator. While many screenwriters want to please all, humor isn’t universal.What makes a baby cackle in Albuquerque won’t cut the mustard in Ouagadougou! Today, let’s explore three ways writers and filmmakers use situation, dialogue, and performance to enhance the ordinary and upend the familiar for gut-busting belly laughs. So, writers and filmmakers: Dig into our list of the best comedy movies of all time.   (more…)