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Short Film Idea Development - Header - StudioBinder

Finding the Best Short Film Ideas that Level Up Your Career

E very time I finish a film, I always hear this question: “What are your next short film ideas?” Whenever I hear it, my brow furrows, my palms start to sweat, and I squeeze out an apologetic shrug. (more…)

Whiplash Short Film to Whiplash Feature Length Movie - Damien Chazelle - StudioBinder

How the ‘Whiplash’ Short Film Became the ‘Whiplash’ Movie

Normally, filmmakers write a short film before they write the feature script for the short film. They shoot it, cut it, and hope to god it gets a run in the festival circuit. But Damien Chazelle’s, Whiplash short film, was born in a unique way. The short script actually came after, and really, from the feature length Whiplash script. How did this happen? And because this happened, what can we learn from the short film vs feature? Let’s jump in. (more…)

Making a Short Film Pre-Production Workflow - Featured - StudioBinder

Making a Short Film: Pre Production Workflow Step-by-Step

You’ve got some money in the bank, some time on your calendar, and a great short film idea to produce. You’re ready to start making a short film. Now what? If you’ve read our overview of short film pre-production, you already know not to jump too far ahead. Much as you might be tempted to hire your cast and crew, there are a few important things that you need to do first. Let’s go through the whole process step by step, and as we parse it out you’ll find that it’s not so daunting after all. (more…)