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Film Coverage — A Step-by-Step Guide to Shot Listing Efficiently

If you’ve ever made a shot list before you know how repetitive it can be adding the same shots over and over again. While laborious and time consuming, this is a necessary step to shot list your productions. I’m here to show you how creating a shot list template will save you tons of time. Follow along for a step-by-step breakdown of how to streamline shot list creation for basic coverage. (more…)

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What is Pre-Production in Film? A Blueprint for Success

Pre-production can be overwhelming even for the seasoned producer. It requires knowledge of many facets of production, as well as an ability to prevent potential crises down the line. It’s not always easy but if you stay organized, it's pretty simple. So what is pre-production? When does it start and when does it end? This post will answer those questions and will give a quick rundown. (more…)

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Mastering Shot Lists: Rian Johnson’s Movies and Directing Style (with Shot List Example)

Director Rian Johnson movies have a distinct visual and emotional style. Which is a pretty impressive feat given how young a filmmaker he is.  Most directors take a few films before they solidify their style. Here’s how you can learn to create a shot list like acclaimed director Rian Johnson -- just remember that for the Last Jedi, the star wipes were someone else’s idea first! (more…)

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What’s in Your Shot List: How to Design and Communicate Your Vision

You’ve thoroughly read and re-read the script, and you can perfectly visualize what your finished movie is going to look like. But how can you make sure that what audiences will see on the screen will be the same as what’s in your mind’s eye? Easy peasy! You just need a Shot List.  (more…)

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What We Can Learn from “Making Movies” by Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet directed feature films and television for over 50 years. In other words, we can learn a lot from his perspective about the film business and film directing. We were lucky enough that Lumet decided to share these thoughts in book form. "Making Movies" by Sidney Lumet is an invaluable resource for any filmmaker. In particular, we're going to review Lumet's idea of a "lens plot," its three variations, and how you can use these concepts in your next project. (more…)

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The Directing Style of Quentin Tarantino

Best Tarantino MoviesQT's Directing StyleQT Directing Tips QT DialogueOnce Upon a Time AnalysisBasterds Breakdown Is there any filmmaker whose personality is more apparent when you watch his films than Quentin Tarantino? In his own quirky way, Tarantino has introduced us to some of the most shocking and moving emotional moments on film.Of course, Quentin Tarantino’s writing style is a huge part of what’s made him so successful, but more than that, it is his shot choices that bring the audience deeper into the narrative. Tarantino, like all directors working at the top of their game, uses the camera as his ...

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Rules of Shot Composition in Film: A Definitive Guide

There are many ways to film the same scene.  The director's decisions depend on what experience they want the audience to have. Knowing what shot composition is and how to use it is vital to visual storytelling. Shot composition is more than arranging scene elements in a camera frame. It is an art that combines those elements to advance the story, reveal character and create emotion. Knowing the rules of shot composition and using them well can keep your audience engaged from beginning to end. Let's examine how Director, Dan Gilroy, uses these basic rules in Nightcrawler, to keep the ...

How To Master A Storyboard Like Jordan Peele: Get Out

Storyboard EssentialsHow to StoryboardStoryboard ExamplesStoryboard CreatorStoryboard SoftwareFind a Storyboard ArtistStephen King said, “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” Although horror movies have been effective outlets for entertainment, they have also been the ideal genre to explore the social and cultural fears plaguing societies. (more…)

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Mastering the Shot List: Alejandro González Inarritu

Filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has said, “Fear of the unknown is a great creative partner.”Throughout Inarritu's filmography the director has continually embraced the uncertainty of life’s moments; allowing his audiences to cry with joy and scream with fear.Here are four ways Inarritu's shooting style influences the emotions of his narratives.   (more…)

Black Panther Fight Scene

Breaking Down and Scheduling the Epic Black Panther Fight Scene

Staging a fight scene is an undertaking all its own. But once the vision is realized, incredible preparation and planning goes into filming action scenes. Your entire shooting schedule could be affected by these fight scenes and what they demand. There are hidden elements that could prove to be a nightmare in the scheduling process. So what is the best way to schedule a fight scene?   Using script breakdown software, we can make the task of scheduling your fight scene a less daunting task. In this post we’ll break down the epic fight scene from Black Panther and learn ...