What are Quasar lights? Quasar lights have become some of Hollywood’s favorite tools for lighting – but where did they come from and how are they used? We’re going to answer those questions by breaking down their best use cases. By the end, you might want to pick up some products from Quasar Science yourself. 

Quasar Science Lights Explained

Putting the quasar in Quasar lights

Quasar lights are commonly known for their tubular design, low-cost, and highly-ranked color score. They are available in fixed white, switchable white, tunable white, and RGBX.

The term “quasar light” may be a little confusing. In filmmaking terms, this doesn't refer to light emitted from a galactic nucleus or lyrics from a Jamiroquai song, but rather a lamp produced by the company Quasar Science. 

Quasar Science lights are known for their ease of use, durability, and relatively low price tags. Check out the video from Robert Machado below to see how they can be used as a great key light for interviews.

Robert Machado Interview Lighting With Quasar Science LED Light Bars

There are a few different types of lamps available from Quasar Science. We’re going to break down each type including their prices and specs. As we'll see, these lights are a fabulous addition to any light kit, for any budget, and can be used in countless types of projects.

Quasar Tubes

Quasar T8 Dimmable


Quasar Light Bars  •  T8 Dimmable Model

Price: Starting at $45.00
Length and Wattage: 3,000k or 5,600k — 120V or 240V — in both 2’ or 4’ models

The Quasar T8 Dimmable is the cheapest and most popular light. The model comes in two color temperatures: 3,000k and 5,600k – but as their name implies, they’re dimmable as well. Let’s check out some of the T8s in action with this awesome video from Marcos Rocha.

Testing the LED Quasar Tube Lights by Marco Rocha  •  T8 Dimmable Model

These lamps are perfect for on-the-go camera setups. They’re compact at 2’ and 4’ but durable enough to endure the rigor of gaffing and clamping. They also produce a soft-light that’s nearly unrivaled for such a low price point.

Quasar Science Lights

Quasar Crossfade

Quasar Lights • Crossfade Model

Quasar Lights  •  Crossfade Model

Price: Starting at $100.00
Length and Wattage: 120V or 240V for 1’, 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ models

The Quasar Crossfade lamp is one of the company’s most versatile options. Each model can transition from tungsten to daylight on a dime which offers a ton of control over a scene’s color temperature.

This next video from Scott Dumas shows some of the benefits of the Crossfade lamps and how you can attach them together to create a single dominant light.

Quasar Lights  •  Crossfade Review by Scott Dumas

One of the greatest benefits of the Crossfade lamp is that it doesn't require an external power ballast. Most other LEDs in the Crossfade’s price range require a ballast or suffer from frequent flickering. If you’re looking to get creative, attach four Crossfades together in a square shape to make a pseudo ring light.

CompactQuasar Tube Lights

Quasar Q-Lion


Mini Quasar Tubes  •  Quasar Q-Lion Lights

Price: Starting at $100.00
Length: 7”, 12”, 24”

The Quasar Q-Lion lamps are a bit more niche than the other lights Quasar Science produce. All three Q-Lion models come in a 4300K color temperature and can be operated while charging. Let’s check out these unique lights in action with a video from Newsshooter.

Quasar LED Lights  •  Quasar Sciences Q-Lion Review by Newsshooter

The Q-Lion lamps are compact at 7” to 24” – but that small form factor makes travelling with them an ease. Just be warned that their strong magnets may present some issues if they’re not placed in a carrying case. You may want to consider using the Q-Lion lamps as fill lights in your production.

Quasar Science Lights With RGB

Quasar RGBX Lights

Quasar RGBX Lights

Quasar LED Tubes With RGBX

Price: Starting at $349.99
Length and Wattage: 2' - 25 watt - Q25R; 4' - 50 watt - Q50R

The Q25R and Q50R are the biggest and best lights from Quasar Science. Although the Q25R and Q50R are highlighted by their RGB compatibility, it’s worth mentioning that they’re also capable of white light crossfading from 2000k candlelight to 6000k daylight.

Both models feature color presets for blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and purple. But enough talk, let’s see the Quasar RGBX lights in action with a video from LensProToGo.

Quasar Science Q50R – Things to Know by LensProToGo

Okay, it’s clear that the Quasar RGBs are pretty awesome just from seeing them in action – but are they worth the extra money? I’d say yes. The effect presets are a game changer for filmmakers; they could save a lot of time and money in the long run. Think about the police lights effect: how would you typically produce the red and blue? Clever backlighting? Color grading in post? Well, with just two Quasar RGBs you could get that effect and much more.

The Quasar RGBs also have a DMX I/O so you can control the light offboard. I’d say the only major downside of the Q25R and Q50R is that they don’t have built-in batteries. But considering the price of the lights compared to other similar models, the trade-off is more than worth it.

Quasar Science is producing a second generation RGB light and a double rainbow light too. Both models are available for pre-order and will surely offer new ways to play with 3-point lighting.

New Quasar Tube Lights

Quasar Rainbow 2


Quasar LED Strips  •  Quasar Rainbow 2 Model

Price: Starting at $500
Length: 2', 4', or 8’ models – Plug Type B

The Quasar Rainbow 2 is the second-generation version of the RGBX light we just outlined; Q25R, Q50R, etc. are first generation models and Q25R2, Q50R2, etc. are second generation models. Here’s a quick video from Quasar Sciences that outlines some of the new features in the Rainbow 2 lights.

Quasar LED Strips  •  Rainbow 2 Lights by Quasar Science

Quasar Rainbow 2 and Quasar Double Rainbow lights are relatively new, so there aren’t too many professionals who have been able to use them on productions yet, but on paper, they seem to improve on their predecessors in iterative and exciting ways.

The Huge RGB Quasar Tubes

Quasar Double Rainbow


Quasar Tube Lights With RGB  •  Double Rainbow Model

Price: Starting at $1,000
Length: 2', 4', or 8’ models – Plug Type B

What happens when you take two Quasar RGB lights and combine them into one big light? You get the Quasar Double Rainbow. Essentially, the Quasar RR, or Double Rainbow, is just a bigger Rainbow 2. It has the same Ossium mounting system, AC and DC ports, and OLED interface screen.

Quasar Science LED Light Bars  •  Double Rainbow Lights

There do seem to be some effects that are only available on the Double Rainbow – but it’s hard to know for certain without testing it. My thoughts on the Double Rainbow?

I’d say if you were looking to buy a Quasar light with RGB before, but there wasn’t a big enough version, then this might be the product for you.

As we've seen, there are a number of options to choose from. The size, durability, and versatility of these lights make them ideal for any number of projects you have coming up. No matter your budget or style, professional lighting is now within your reach.


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