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Best Dinner Scenes in Movie HIstory - Cinematic Dinner Scenes and Table Scenes

Best Dinner Scenes in Movies and Why They Work

The dinner scene. We’re all familiar with an awkward dinner, but some films elevate this mundane practice into pure art. Screenwriting is all about writing what you know, and these writers knew the dinner table was an ideal place for horror, dramatic irony, and comedy. These are the best dinner scenes in movies of all time. (more…)

The Best Movies on HBO Right Now - Featured Image

The Best Movies on HBO Right Now — Filmmaker Playlist (May 2020)

Though best known for producing many of the best television shows of all time, HBO is also home to many ...

Top Best Comedy Movies of All Time - Feature - StudioBinder

The Best Comedy Movies of All Time: Funny Movies to Inspire Filmmakers

The difference between a funny movie and a truly great comedy is subjective. So, when it comes to writing a successful comedy, many writers want to appeal to the lowest common denominator. While many screenwriters want to please all, humor isn’t universal.What makes a baby cackle in Albuquerque won’t cut the mustard in Ouagadougou! Today, let’s explore three ways writers and filmmakers use situation, dialogue, and performance to enhance the ordinary and upend the familiar for gut-busting belly laughs. So, writers and filmmakers: Dig into our list of the best comedy movies of all time.   (more…)

Best Breakup Scenes - Featured - StudioBinder

Best Movie Breakup Scenes (& Their Makeup Scenes)

The Best Breakup Scenes? Classifying on-screen heartbreak into a “best” category may be a little callous. But just like your ex, we’re going to do whatever we want, anyway! Just kidding. We made a list of the saddest movie breakup scenes in recent years. So however you choose to judge those gut wrenching moments in cinema, the ones that capture the truth and rawness of what breakups actually feel like, you can check them out below. The saddest ones are often the ones that have no makeup scene to follow. Of course, we added those scenes in too, for the ...