Mood board templates are valuable tools for anybody and everybody interested in designing mood boards. But how do you use a mood board template? We’re going to show you how to use a mood board template by breaking down some clear examples. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to design your own mood board.

Moodboard Templates Guide

Background on mood boards

Before we break down some mood board templates, perhaps we should first answer the question, “what is a mood board?” Well, a mood board is a visual design document that uses images and text to impart a specific feeling. Traditionally, mood boards used static images only, but with the advent of online templates, they’ve begun to integrate gifs, videos, etc. as well. 

For more, check out how to make a mood board, mood board examples, and the top mood board apps.

There are a lot of great templates online – but many of them require you to use photo-editing software like Photoshop.

And there’s no problem with that! This next video shows you how to use a mood board template like a graphic designer. 

How to Use a Mood Board Template by Pocket Wonders

There’s certainly a lot of value to programs like Photoshop. But what if I told you things can be even easier? 

Mood board Template

1. Find a series of photographs

With StudioBinder, you can use a custom-template by simply importing photographs – but first, you need to find some photographs, and decide on what kind of mood you want to impart!

Let’s say I’m working on a cyberpunk-themed project; I’d want to include a series of neon-lit, industrial-styled photos.

To find them, I’d search for relevant keywords like “cyberpunk movies” and “cyberpunk games.”

Moodboard Templates

2. Import them into StudioBinder

We imported a series of photographs into StudioBinder’s mood board software to take advantage of the custom template. Check out the Cyberpunk-inspired mood board below.

How to Use a Mood Board Template  •  StudioBinder

And it’s as simple as that! StudioBinder will compile your images into a mood board layout in a clear and aesthetic way. You can make a similar mood board by importing your own images.

Moodboard Template

3. Export or share your mood board 

In StudioBinder, you can export your mood board, and or share it with others! 

How to Use a Mood Board Template Share Mood Board

How to Use a Mood Board Template in StudioBinder

A mood board template can be as collaborative as you want it to be. Want to invite a team to work with you?

Simply invite them to the project and edit together. 

Up Next

Best Mood Board Apps 

We showed you how Photoshop and StudioBinder are used to build on mood board templates – but there are tons of other great programs as well! In our next article, we’ll break down the best mood board apps, with examples from GoMoodboard, Mural, and more. By the end, you’ll know where to look for more mood board templates!

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