Best Public Domain Movies Online You Can Watch Right Now - Featured

Best Public Domain Movies Online You Can Watch Right Now

There are many great films that are part of the public domain. This also means that in many cases you, ...

James Cameron Movies Ranked for Filmmakers - Featured

James Cameron Movies: Ranked with the Filmmaker in Mind

It’s time to stop underrating James Cameron movies. He’s not perfect but he’s better than he gets credit for. Cameron is an auteur working at the highest level of the studio system, like a proto-Christopher Nolan. His budgets are record-breaking but so are the box office returns. (more…)

Long Takes Creative Examples of Camera Movements - Angles - Featured

The Best Long Take Shots & How They Push the Story Forward

Creating one moment that stands out in the minds of the viewer after your film or tv show ends can be hard, but it is possible. The long take is one way to do it. Today we’re going to go over the best long takes in film and television.  (more…)

How to Use a Green Screen — Setup, Lighting and Creative Uses - Featured

What is a Green Screen Used For and How Do They Work?

Insert Content Template or SymbolEver watch a sci-fi movie and wonder how they filmed it? Are there secret movie studios on the Moon? Mars? Westeros? Unfortunately not, the answer is far less gratifying. Instead of Mars, it was probably filmed in a warehouse. However, luckily for us, chroma keying is cheaper and a lot more practical than a trip to the Moon. So cheap you might be able to use it on your next shoot! But what is a green screen, how do they work, and what are the various ways they can be used? Let's get into it. (more…)

What is Focus Chart - Featured Image

What Is a Focus Chart, How They Work, and Where To Get One

Before you yell, “Action,” you need to make sure the subject in your frame is in the sharpest, cleanest focus possible. This is known as critical focus, and it makes all the difference in having a professional-looking video and an amateur one. You need the right tools on-set to properly calibrate your camera. Right now, you may ask yourself, “What is a focus chart?” But by the end of this post, you’ll understand why you need to acquire one immediately. (more…)

Cinematography Techniques with Roger Deakins - Basics of Film Lighting

Basics of Film Lighting — 4 Qualities of Light You Should Know

Have you ever wondered how to make your films look like the pros? You might feel inclined to blame your camera, your lenses, your budget, but that would be the wrong response. All of the great cinematographers study the characteristics of light. Learning how to control the fundamentals of lighting will allow you to shape light that creates images worthy of the big screen. Although we will be discussing cinematography lighting, all of these principles apply to photography lighting as well. As this series of articles on lighting techniques progress, we will go into greater detail about each of the four ...

Best Orson Welles Movies — His 13 Directed Films Ranked - Featured

Best Orson Welles Movies — His 13 Directed Films Ranked

Orson Welles used to say “they’ll love me when I’m dead” — well at least that’s what his protege Peter Bogdanovich said. I suppose in some sense that perspective was well-warranted. Although Welles received a lot of acclaim during his life, particularly for writing, directing, and starring in Citizen Kane, he never got the respect many contemporary critics suppose he deserved. Welles’ career was plagued by studio censorship, personal vendettas, and a desire for perfectionism. But still, Welles endured making more than a dozen movies, as well as more than a dozen unfinished movies. We’re going to rank the Best ...

Christopher Nolan Circles - Header - StudioBinder

How Christopher Nolan Films use Circles to Warp Sight & Sound

Best Nolan MoviesNolan's Directing StyleNolan Directing Tips Nolan's CirclesNolan's Shot List Understanding how Christopher Nolan approaches filmmaking is an important step to improving your own skills, but his films are complicated puzzles that are built to confuse and perplex viewers. His use of visual and narrative circles creates intricate and layered films. In this post, we’re going to find the “head of the snake” that governs the overall philosophy of Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking. Let’s jump in. (more…)

Quentin Tarantino Directing Tips and Quotes from Tarantino Interviews - Featured

Quentin Tarantino Interviews, Directing Tips & Quotes on Film

Best Tarantino MoviesQT's Directing StyleQT Directing Tips QT DialogueOnce Upon a Time AnalysisBasterds Breakdown How do you learn filmmaking techniques from a director like Quentin Tarantino? You can watch his films, and learn his filmmaking process with quotes from Quentin Tarantino interviews. We also built a video with directing tips and examples from Quentin Tarantino films. Become a better filmmaker by learning from the best. (more…)

What is Fill Light Definition and Examples in Photography and Film - Featured

What is Fill Light — The Unsung Hero of 3 Point Lighting

Filmmakers always strive to make an audience feel a certain way when watching their films. One of the most fundamental ...

What is Time Lapse Photography and Film Definition - Featured

How to Make a Time Lapse Video in 5 Simple Steps

There is more than one way to create a time lapse video and even more ways fine-tune the time-lapse-capturing process. Creating great time lapse videos can be daunting as it is an incredibly technical feat with a number of settings, tools, and variables that all must be taken into account. Whether you’re wondering how time lapse videos work, what time lapse photography is, how to do a time lapse video, or even how to make a hyperlapse, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish. (more…)

Ultimate Guide to Camera Movement - Every Type of Camera Movement Technique Explained

Types of Camera Movements in Film Explained: Definitive Guide

Shot List SeriesShot SizeShot FramingCamera AnglesCamera FocusCamera GearCamera Movement As cameras have become smaller over time, new technology is constantly being invented to move them in every direction possible. Understanding the effects of the different types of camera movements in film is essential for every filmmaker to understand. It not only makes them better cinematographers or directors, but better storytellers. Using the right movement that best serves your story will help you make each shot as effective as possible. (more…)

What is a Static Shot - Featured

What is a Static Shot? Definition and Examples in Film

A static camera shot is perhaps the most basic tenet of cinematography and one of the first tools a growing filmmaker adds to their cinematic toolbox. Camera movement certainly makes for more dynamic visuals but knowing when to keep the camera still can have just as much impact. Let's review some static shot examples and see how filmmakers have reaped the storytelling benefits of an unmoving camera. (more…)

What is a Screen Test in Acting Definition and Examples - Featured

What is a Screen Test in Acting? Definition and Examples

While many actors transition to and from the world of theatre and film, there are many differences between live acting and camera acting. To determine an actor’s presence and ability to perform on camera, producers and casting directors utilize a screen test. The format and content of a screen test can vary. Let’s look into the various uses of a screen test. (more…)

Best New Movies on Netflix, Ranked for Filmmakers (Oct_ 2020) - Featured

Best New Movies on Netflix, Filmmaker Playlist (October 2020)

Every month, dozens of movies arrive on Netflix, but it can be a hassle keeping track of all the great content that comes and goes. Don’t fret though, we’re going to break down the best new movies on Netflix each month to help you decide on what to watch. These are the best of what’s coming to Netflix in June, 2020. (more…)

Best Shows on Netflix Right Now, Ranked for Filmmakers - Featured (Oct_ 2020)

Best Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2020)

Netflix has garnered a reputation in recent years for being the go-to destination for TV streaming. That’s because the service has a little something for everyone -- dramas, comedies, documentaries, mockumentaries, and anything else you might think up. But finding the next great show to watch on Netflix can be difficult. Don’t worry though, we’ve done the research to deliver you our list of the best shows on Netflix. (more…)

Best Disney Plus Movies (Oct_ 2020) - Featured

Best Disney Plus Movies You Can Watch Right Now (Oct 2020)

Ever since Disney Plus launched, fans of all ages have been able to relive classic films from their childhoods. But since it’s Disney, people can now watch Star Wars and Marvel movies with the click of a button. Disney Plus has films from decades ago, so it may feel a bit overwhelming to decide what you should watch next to become an even more informed Disney fan. But for our money, these are the best Disney Plus movies you can watch tonight. (more…)

Best Movies on Netflix - Featured (Oct 2020)

Best Movies on Netflix — A Playlist for Filmmakers (October 2020)

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix for an hour trying to find something to watch? The next time that happens, put down the remote for a second and bring up this list. We’ll be updating this guide to the best movies on Netflix monthly, so all of you aspiring filmmakers out there can keep up with what you need to watch next. From horror to comedy and everything in between, it’s all gathered right here. We’ll rank each film based on its acting, filmmaking, writing, and overall entertainment value for people bored on Friday night. Of all ...

Best New Movies on Amazon Prime (Oct 2020) - Featured

Best New Movies on Amazon Prime (October 2020)

With such a wealth of new movies to rent on Amazon Prime, it can be hard to keep track of and parse new movies as they are added to the platform. Here we cover 10 new movies worth your time landing on Amazon Prime in October 2020 with plenty of horror in the mix for the Halloween season. You can also read our list of the best overall films available on Amazon Prime right now. All movies will be available as of October 1st unless otherwise noted. Now let’s take a look at what’s new on Amazon Prime Video. (more…)

The Best Movies on HBO Right Now - Featured Oct_ 2020

Best Movies on HBO Right Now — Filmmaker Playlist (Oct 2020)

Though best known for producing many of the best television shows of all time, HBO is also home to many excellent films. HBO caught on quick that streaming was the way of the future, and got into the only media game early. We’ll be taking a look at what movies are on HBO right now. HBO-Go is home to not just every great HBO original series, but also hundreds of films ranging from all-time classics to new releases. Joining us in counting down the top 50 HBO movies available right now. (more…)