The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (Oct 2020) - Featured

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (October 2020)

Amazon Prime Video is chock-full of great movies but it’s a nightmare trying to find them. Unlike Netflix which offers strong curated playlists, Prime Video does a poor job of highlighting all the amazing movies on its service. Don’t fret though, we’ve scoured the depths of Prime’s film catalogue to deliver our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now. We’ll be updating this list every month as movies come and go on Prime, so be sure to check back for new, great additions! (more…)

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video (Oct_ 2020) - Featured

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video (October 2020)

How many hours have you spent combing through streaming services looking for the next great show to watch? If you’re anything like me, then it’s probably more than you’re comfortable admitting. But don’t fret, we’ve scoured the depths of the seven seas of streaming to deliver you our take on what the best shows to watch right now are. Here’s our list of the best shows on Amazon Prime Video. (more…)

The Best Shows on HBO - Featured (Oct_ 2020)

The Best Shows on HBO Right Now (October 2020)

There are plenty of great shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but HBO still reigns king in the world of TV streaming. Since 1972, the ‘Home Box Office’, better known as HBO has produced dozens upon dozens of top-tier TV shows. We’re going to rank the best shows on HBO, from ‘72 to 2020 so that you can find a new series or a forgotten classic that is 100% worth viewing. (more…)

Best Movies on Hulu (Oct_ 2020) - Featured

The Best Movies on Hulu Right Now (October 2020)

Hulu has really stepped up its game over the last few years, and with new competition like Disney+ and HBO Max, can you blame them? With so many streaming services, it’s hard to know where new releases go and old favorites live. But now the trouble do you find anything? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and we’ve curated our own library of the best movies on Hulu right now. As films come and go, we’ll be updating this list, so feel free to check back each month. (more…)

Best Shows on Hulu - Featured (Oct_ 2020)

The Best Shows on Hulu Right Now (October 2020)

Hulu has really stepped up its game in the television world. From sci comedies to heartbreaking dramas, to creepy Stephen ...

Who Are the Coen Brothers - Coen Brothers Bio - Coen Brothers Movies, Early Work and Film Style

Who Are the Coen Brothers — Bio, Early Work and Film Style

One of the most, if not the most, iconic and influential directing duos of all time, the Coen Brothers have secured a place in the zeitgeist and in the annals of film history. From Blood Simple to The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, the Coen Brothers’ filmography has been both eclectic and distinctive. In this post, we’ll be providing a Coen Brothers bio, taking a look at how they got their start, and exploring the Coen Brothers’ film style as a whole. Join us as we answer the question: who are the Coen Brothers? (more…)

Looking Glass Watchmen Character Origins Explained - Featured

Looking Glass — Watchmen’s Best Character Explained

HBO’s Watchmen was a smash-hit with critics in 2019, due to sharp writing, great production design, and memorable characters. The first, and likely only season of Watchmen, featured some characters we already knew, like Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias, and some new characters, like Night Sister and Looking Glass. Of all the new characters, Looking Glass is perhaps one of the most interesting. We’re going to break down his character by looking at his backstory, costuming, and comparisons to Rorschach. So put on your reflectatine mask as we uncover the man behind the Looking Glass. Spoilers Beware. (more…)

What is a Leitmotif Definition and Examples in Film - Featured C-min

What is a Leitmotif? Definition and Examples in Film

What is a leitmotif? What makes it different from a regular motif? How is it used in cinema? These are the questions we’re going to answer as we look at the history of leitmotifs. We’re also going to show you how masterclass composers like John Williams apply leitmotifs to their films. By the end, you’ll be ready to apply a ‘leading motif’ to your own production! (more…)

The Colors of Stanley Kubrick — Mise en Scene Color Palettes - Color in Film and Color Theory Explained

How to Use Color in Film like Kubrick: Mise-en-Scène Elements Explained

Mise en scene plays a huge role in communicating the tone of a story -- but what is mise en scene? In classical terms, mise en scene is the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play or film. Today, mise en scene is regarded as all of the elements that go into any single shot of a production. Four of the most important aspects of mise en scene are: sets, props, costume/hair/makeup, and lighting. We’re going to show you how master filmmakers apply color to these four aspects of mise en scene with examples from films by Stanley ...

Academy Awards for Best Director - Featured Image

Academy Award for Best Director — Oscar Winners Ranked

The Academy Award for Best Director is the most prestigious honor any director can receive — well, at least in ...

What is Rotoscope Animation Definition, Process and Examples for Animators - Featured

What is Rotoscope Animation? The Process Explained

There’s more than one way to animate a film. And one of the most innovative, albeit time-consuming, ways to bring a movie to life is through rotoscoping. But what is rotoscope animation? While it’s typically associated with modern works like the 2006 film A Scanner Darkly and the recent Amazon Prime series Undone, the technique has roots dating back decades. Let’s take a look at some movies that use rotoscoping to see how it can be utilized for future filmmakers. (more…)

Blue Screen vs Green Screen Differences Explained - Featured

Blue Screen vs Green Screen Differences Explained

If you are at all interested in filmmaking, then you have undoubtedly heard the term ‘green screen’ but have you heard of ‘blue screens’? There are a number of blue screen vs green screen differences and we’ll break all of them down in this post. Blue screen backgrounds may find slightly less use than green screens but both are widely used in the industry. If you don’t know how blue or green screen technology works, what the difference between blue and green screens is, or why to use blue or green screen backgrounds, then you’ve come to the right place. ...

What is Point of View Definition and Examples in Literature and Film - Featured

What is Point of View? Definition and Examples in Lit and Film

I am, you are, she is, they will be — these are all things we say on a near-daily basis, and they’re all examples of different points of view. But what is point of view within storytelling and how can writers use it strategically? We’re going to explain everything you need to know about point of view in literature, with cinema and video game examples as well. But first let’s review the basics. (more…)

What is Aerial Cinematography Types of Drone Shots and Techniques - Featured

What is Aerial Cinematography? Drone Shots and Techniques

Some of the most iconic shots in history have been taken from the air. The elevated vantage point that we rarely see in day to day life creates a unique experience for any movie-goer. From war films, to thrillers, to action movies, aerial cinematography has created some of the most iconic shots in cinema. Aerial cinematography was originally only available to big budget Hollywood productions that could afford helicopters and large cranes. With the rise of drones in cinematography, aerial cinematography is now more accessible to all filmmakers than ever before. That being said, it’s important now more than ever ...

What is a Boom Shot Camera Shot Definition and Examples - Featured

What is a Boom Shot? Camera Shot Definition and Examples

Every camera movement should be chosen with intention and purpose. For that reason, it is important for every filmmaker to understand the fundamental effects of every camera movement available. One of the most effective movements, specifically when it comes to capturing location and setting, is the boom shot. The boom shot goes by many names such as the jib shot or crane shot. It is one of the camera movements that almost immediately adds production value to a film. What is a boom shot and what are its unique storytelling functions? (more…)

What is Mise en Scene in Film - Mise en Scene Definition and Meaning - Mise En Scene Examples and Elements

What is Mise en Scène in Film: Definition and Examples

Mise en scène. It’s a fancy looking phrase that you’ve seen floating around many film-related articles, carrying with it an immediate sense of snobbery. Don't worry, you're not the first person to ask "what is mise en scene?" After today, you’ll have a better sense of this concept and its fundamentals so you can apply it in your next project. (more…)

Best Movie Sequels of All Time - Featured

Best Movie Sequels of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers

Audiences and filmmakers alike love sequels. And we all love to rank  and debate which are the “greatest.”  But deciding which films belong on a “best movie sequels of all time” list can feel overwhelming. How does one choose from every film ever made? And how to rank one above the other? While such a list is by definition subjective, it doesn’t have to be arbitrary. One way of more rigorously determining if a movie is the best in a certain category is by ranking it according to aggregated scores across categories. To determine the best sequels of all time ...

What is Postmodernism Definition and Examples for Filmmakers - Featured

What is Postmodernism? Definition and Examples for Filmmakers

The term “postmodernism” gets thrown around a lot. Anything that seems to buck normal conventions or breaks the fourth wall ...

The Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots (over 50+ Types of Shots and Angles in Film) - Featured

The Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots (50+ Types of Shots and Angles in Film)

It’s easy to mix up the different types of camera shots and types of angles. To make a shot list, a filmmaker or video creative must know the classic types of shots based on attributes like shot size, shot framing, camera movement, camera mechanisms, and depth of field. We'll break down all the camera shots and angles you need to know for your next film. We also include camera shot examples from famous movies to help solidify the discussed concepts. (more…)

What is a Fisheye Lens Definition and Examples in Film - Featured

What is a Fisheye Lens? Definition and Examples in Film

TYPES OF LENSESLENS BASICSPRIMEZOOMWIDE ANGLETELEPHOTO A variety of lenses used throughout your filmmaking project can help ensure the audience feels how you want them to feel about a given scene. So what is a fisheye lens in your arsenal? It’s one of the most unique lenses out there for how it creates a spherical, warped perception of the frame. The subject looks like how you would think a fish would perceive them. You won’t see this lens all too often in film, but you don’t want to overlook it because the fisheye effect may be precisely what you need on your ...