How to Breakdown Shoot Locations

How to Find and Schedule “Hidden” Shoot Locations in a Script

You’ve got a script. You’re getting ready to shoot. Before you go into production, you’ll need to figure out how to break down your script. (more…)

Kuleshov Effect Examples - Steven Spielberg - Header - StudioBinder

The Kuleshov Effect Explained (and How Spielberg Subverts it)

Movies and television are incredible because they can transport us into a world of wonderment. Today we’re going to go over the Kuleshov Effect and how the greatest director of all time, Steven Spielberg, put his own twist on the editing technique for his personal stamp. (more…)

How to Use a Film Slate - Featured - StudioBinder

The Clapperboard Explained — How to Use a Film Slate

The humble film slate, scuffed and scratched and tossed casually aside between setups, is actually a very important piece of equipment that no film set should ever be without.In this post we’re going to give you the insider’s tour of the slate. We’ll show you how to use a film slate on set, including how to mark the slate properly. We’ll also advise you on how to slate correctly for the camera so you’ll know what you’re doing right from the first take. (more…)

What is a Call Sheet - Header

What is a Call Sheet? The Essentials for a Smooth Production

You may have heard the term “call sheet” many times. But if you’ve never sent one out yourself, you may not know everything they need and why they are so essential to every production. So what is a call sheet and what goes on it? (more…)

Best Film Equipment Rentals for Video Production - Featured - StudioBinder

10 Best Video Equipment Rental Options: Complete Guide

Video equipment rental is essential for most productions, but navigating what your crew wants and what your budget can afford can be an overwhelming process, even for seasoned producers. (more…)

How to Write a Fight Scene - Header

How to Write a Fight Scene in a Screenplay: John Wick Fight Scenes

You want to learn how to write a fight scene in a screenplay, but it seems that each writer takes their own unique approach. How then can you determine the ‘right way’ to write compelling fight scenes? No worries. This post will take you through the process of writing the best fight scenes for different genres (with examples) so that they are adequately descriptive, entertain the reader, and help to sell your scripts to professional filmmakers. Lezgo. (more…)

Crew Deal Memo - Featured - StudioBinder2

Mastering the Crew Deal Memo (with FREE Template)

The crew deal memo is a form that provides protection between the production company (or financier) and crew. While it’s quite simple finding a crew deal memo template online, you’ll need to be careful with using those because they often use certain clauses and stipulations favoring one party over the other. (more…)

Art Director Job Description - Featured - StudioBinder

Art Director Job Description: What Exactly Does an Art Director Do?

Maybe you’ve seen the term art director in the credits of a movie, or on a call sheet, but you’re not quite sure what it means to be one. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker looking to learn more, or a graphic designer who wants to know how to become an art director, this post is for you. We’ll outline the art director job description by defining the role. Let’s jump into the basics. (more…)

A Better Film Crew List Template & Booking Sheet - Featured Image - StudioBInder

A Better Film Crew List Template Booking Sheet

When you start working on a film project, it won't be long before talent and crew details are exchanged. You'll want to store this information in a film crew list template so it'll be easy to search and share this information with your team. (more…)

What Does Disney Own - Companies Disney Owns - Companies Owned By Disney - Featured - StudioBinder

What Companies Does Disney Own? The Colossal List

It’s difficult to work in the entertainment industry and not come across a Disney company. Disney owns nearly everything entertainment. Don’t believe me? (more…)

How to Break Down VFX The Sunken Place Header

The Sunken Place: How to Break Down a VFX Scene

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is already one of the most iconic films of the 21st century. Its simple elegance is a perfect example of how much can be conveyed with so little. In this post, we’ll take a look at The Sunken Place sequence and learn how to maximize storytelling with a minimal budget. A lot of it boils down to prioritizing a breakdown and schedule. We'll do this by learning how to identify the key elements that bring a scene to life (and avoid those that don't). We'll break down the Sunken Place scene's sound and VFX elements to ...

How to Write a Film Treatemnt Like the Pros - Header Image - StudioBinder

How to Write a Film Treatment (FREE Film Treatment Template)

If you have a great concept for a film, odds are you want to tell it immediately. That's good, but even better is writing with a plan — and that means a great film treatment.  (more…)

Character of a Location - Location Scout - Location Breakdown - Friday Night Lights Video - StudioBinder - Header.

Filming Locations that Enhance Your Story

Location, location, location. We all know how critical scouting is to your production, why picking the right filming locations can make or break your movie. But have you ever considered just how significant it can be to your story? Some settings matter so much to the plot, they take on a life of their own — and they are just as necessary as the characters themselves. Let’s take a look at a few examples when filming locations took center stage. We’ll start with a brief video of the Texas-loving football drama, Friday Night Lights. (more…)

VFX Composite - How to Use a Green Screen - Blade Runner 2049 - Header - StudioBinder

VFX: How to Use a Green Screen Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

"Ahorse walks into a gym" is not the opening of a bad joke. Not for me. See, for me it was the reality I faced in scheduling a complicated VFX composite shot. We had to get a horse on a treadmill in a crowded health club. Just another day for an AD. What is VFX like on a practical level? How do you create cool video effects? I’ll show you how to use VFX, how to use a green screen, and how to plan a composite shot on a deadline. Whether you need a horse on a treadmill for an ...

What is Video Branded Content - Featured Image - StudioBinder

What is Branded Content? Examples from Successful Campaigns

Branded content is a powerful marketing technique that can elicit emotions in its consumers, build trust between consumer and brand, and increase brand revenue. If done well, it can be extremely effective, but it often receives a negative connotation as skeptics wonder if the hyper-dramatized content often associated with it, is working only for the better of the brand. But is that always the case? What is branded content and can it do for both the brand and consumer?  (more…)

How to Make a Shooting Schedule with Free Film Production Scheduling Software - Header

How to Make a Better Shooting Schedule with a Stripboard

Your production shooting schedule is a living document.Developed by the 1st Assistant Director and producer during pre-production, the shooting schedule must accommodate changes in the shooting script, talent, locations, gear, as soon as they pop up. (more…)

Making It - Episode 1 - Budget Bombshell - Script Breakdown and Budgeting - Feature

Making It: Script Breakdowns and Budgeting — Pre-Production Process: Ep1

EPISODE 1Budget BombshellMeet the team and watch how they must rework their script so that it will fit inside their limited budget.Subscribe for more filmmaking videos like this.EPISODE 1Art meets commerceYou have a great idea for a TV show. You’ve already written the pilot, but producers won’t read unsolicited scripts and you’re tired of visualizing the idea in your head. That’s when you decide it’s time to make a proof of concept — a pilot presentation. Where do you begin?The answer is Pre-Production. In the first episode of our Pre-Production web-series, we perform a script breakdown to create a preliminary film ...

Pitch Video Concept to Client - Feature - StudioBinder

How to Pitch a Video Concept that Wins Over Clients

Video concepts are only as good as how you pitch them. Your video agency may have the next ‘Got Milk’ campaign on your hands, but if you go into the meeting rambling and unprepared, it won’t matter. (more…)

Film Budget Planning - Script Breakdown - StudioBinder

Film Budget Planning: How to Effectively Budget a Script Breakdown

When it comes to the glitz and glamour of the movie biz, most people don’t mention film production budget planning--try saying that three times fast. (more…)

Producer vs Director - Header

Producer vs Director: The Roles & Responsibilities Explained

Film producers and directors both have major responsibilities during the filmmaking process, but none is as important as their ability to work together. This post discusses producer vs director responsibilities, addressing the specifics of each role, while also pointing to why their clear communication is critical to the making of a film. (more…)