Kim Leonard Kim Leonard

Kim Leonard is a writer and director who specializes in Comedy. She has done just about every job on set, from PA to Producer.
Joker Costume Design: How to Break Down a Script for Wardrobe

Joker Costume Design: How to Break Down a Script for Wardrobe

In filmmaking, we’re often told that the screenplay is the blueprint, but hand-in-hand with ...

Who is this Person Finding a Character Using Script Breakdown - Featured - StudioBinder

Who is This Person? Finding a Character Using the Script Breakdown

There’s an old film school thought experiment that asks about a character, “What does ...

Say What Writing Realistic Dialogue - Featured - StudioBinder

Say What? Fundamental Approaches to Writing ‘Realistic’ Dialogue

Writing dialogue is the best part of writing a screenplay. It’s the part of ...

23 Best Documentaries - Featured Planet Earth Monkey - StudioBinder

23 Best Documentaries of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers (2020)

The first films ever made were documentaries. Originally demonstrations of the magic of filmmaking ...

Script Breakdown Set Dressing - Featured - StudioBinder

Set Dressing Guide: How Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite Creates Meaning

We’ve talked quite a bit about script breakdowns. We’ve shown you how to break ...

What is Male Gaze - Featured Image

What is the Male Gaze? Definition and Examples in Film

Whenever you hear someone talking about the male gaze, you may be asking yourself, ...

What is Queer Theory - Featured Image

What is Queer Theory? Definition and Examples for Filmmakers

Queer theory is a complex, multi-faceted subject that’s difficult to cover in a single ...

What is a Grip on a Movie Set Job Description and Duties - Featured

What is a Grip on a Movie Set? Job Description and Duties

The short answer to the question, “what is a Grip?” is that a Grip ...

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