Kim Leonard Kim Leonard

Kim Leonard is a writer and director who specializes in Comedy. She has done just about every job on set, from PA to Producer.
What's in Your Shot List - Header

What’s in Your Shot List: How to Design and Communicate Your Vision

You’ve thoroughly read and re-read the script, and you can perfectly visualize what your ...

Cinema Verite - Featured - StudioBinder

Cinéma Vérité — Filmmaking Style That Keeps It Real

Cinéma vérité – literally “cinema of truth” – is a style of filmmaking you’ve ...

Stereotypes in Movies - Featured - StudioBinder

Stereotypes in Movies and How Filmmakers Can Avoid Them

Over the last century, we made some extraordinary advances in storytelling technology. We can ...

How to Schedule a Musical Header

How to Schedule a Musical: Breaking Down La La Land

Musicals are a special breed of filmmaking that requires a LOT of preparation and ...

How to Use a Film Slate - Featured - StudioBinder

The Clapperboard Explained — How to Use a Film Slate

The humble film slate, scuffed and scratched and tossed casually aside between setups, is ...

Write Exposition Header

12 Secrets to Great Exposition in Screenwriting (w/ Examples)

Exposition in film or screenwriting is one of the most difficult aspects to master. ...

Step By Step Guide to Production Reports - Header

The Ultimate Guide to Production Reports

Nobody likes doing paperwork, but sometimes it’s just part of your job. On a ...

Breaking Down the Wedding Scene from Crazy Rich Asians - Header

Breaking Down the Wedding Scene from Crazy Rich Asians

Every production starts with the script breakdown. Whether you’re working on an effects-heavy mega-budget ...

Break Down Westworld Header

Breaking Down the Contemporary Western: Westworld

As the lovechild of the Costume Drama and the Fantasy Adventure, the Western might ...

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