re you a runner and gunner? If so, this is for you:

We teamed up with adventurer and filmmaker Matt Komo, to find out how he keeps his projects organized while on the move.

In this post, Matt walks us through production on his latest campaign: How We Do Time for MVMT watches, and how he uses StudioBinder’s shot list feature to keep it all together.

Plus, we’ll give you access to view the actual shot list Matt created to get some amazing visuals.

What is a shot list?

What is a shot list?

Matt doesn't wait for the salt & sand to wash-off before planning his final cut. He starts his process by building a shot list.

A shot list is a breakdown of the elements of each shot during production: timecode, shot, camera, shot size, equipment, lens and location. Shot lists are used to keep track of everything recorded during a shoot. They are also used to organize recorded footage for post-production sequencing.


In this particular shoot, Matt had 4 locations.

He started-out in Lake Tahoe for an early morning, sunrise, hike.

Then, after the hike, he went to Squaw valley and snowboarded in the early afternoon.

After the early afternoon snowboarding, he got in a flight back to where he's from, Orange County, where he went cliff jumping at the spot he grew up cliff jumping at. 

From there, he got picked up by a helicopter and did a sundown, night time ride over downtown LA.

Think you could keep all of these locations together?

Shot List - Matt Komo

Studiobinder's Shot List feature used by Matt Komo

How Filmmaker Matt Komo Shot Lists a 24-Hour Shoot

Why use a shot list?

Why use a shot list?

A good shot list can ensure that your project stays on-track throughout the production process.

How does it do this?

By organizing intended shots, set-ups, time codes and locations.

Matt uses Studiobinder's shot list software to lay out the following elements of his shoots:

  • The Plan
  • The Gear
  • and The Setup

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Use a shot list for a dynamic shoot

Use a shot list for a dynamic shoot

Matt's fast-paced style doesn't allow for much down time, or room for error...


To have only 24-hours to shoot an entire campaign for MVMT watches.

So, Matt needs something that will be able to adapt as quickly as he does... 

...Enter the dynamic shot list from Studiobinder

If something changes in Matt's creative, or schedule, he can simply adjust his shot list to reflect that change...

 ...His shot list then dynamically updates. 

Why is this important?

So that Matt doesn't spend time, that he doesn't have, creating a new shot list from scratch... 

...Or updating a static excel document.

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Shot List - Matt Komo

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As always, thanks for reading and happy shooting!

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