The feature film Creed made $109,767,581 at the box officeWant to see how StudioBinder’s software can create a shot list for one of the scenes?

In this post, we’ll walk you through the simple steps of how to create your shot list based around specific categories that give you the best chance to build your best scene.

Use this free shot list template to get started!

Shot List Example from Ryan Coogler's Creed

StudioBinder's shot list software

Directors who have built a shot list know that it takes serious concentration.

That level of creative focus can allow important details to fall through the cracks.

StudioBinder has worked with professional filmmakers to create comprehensive shot list categories and features that allow you to paint a clear picture with your shot list.

No longer will you have to dance back and forth between templates and spreadsheets to create a document that accurately reflects your creative vision. 

Shot List Example - Creed - Shot Size and Camera Angle

Shot Description Menu - StudioBinder Shot List Software

Follow these steps:

  1. Generate your scene and scene number.
  2. Describe the imagery in your shot in the title
  3. Use the drop down tabs to enter the size, angle, camera movement, and equipment. Then decide if you want to add an image for more clarity.

You’ve followed these steps for every shot in your upcoming scene.

What’s next?

Finalize your shot list

Shot List Example - Creed - Print View

Print View  - StudioBinder Shot List Software

Sort the print view for your shot list by:

  • Image
  • Traditional Shot List
  • Storyboard

Don’t want to print your shot list?

That’s okay! You can send it to your crew digitally.

Need to make a quick change after receiving some helpful notes?

Just pull up your StudioBinder software, make your adjustments, and send it again.

That saved about $60 in printer ink... 

We’re not done yet!

You may have a great idea on how to shoot your next scene.

How do you go about scheduling the order of your shots to get the most out of your day?

Check out the article above!

It will teach you the skills to be a more efficient filmmaker.

Have a question for StudioBinder? Leave it in the comments below!

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