Creating a fashion design mood board is an important step in the design process. It helps designers to visualize their ideas and plan out the key elements of their collection. From color palettes and textures to shapes, outfits, and pieces, it’s important to have all of these elements represented on a fashion moodboard. In this blog post, we will explore the different components of a fashion mood board and provide some tips for creating one. 


The function of a fashion mood board

Creating a fashion mood board (especially for the first time) can be overwhelming. This article is meant to give you the tools to make this process easier, more effective, and more fun. Let's start with a quick overview of what these particular types of boards are meant to accomplish.


What is a moodboard in fashion?

fashion mood board is a collection of images and ideas that facilitate a fashion designer's creative process. They can help inspire a direction or help communicate a vision to collaborators. The images themselves can be of other fashion pieces, color palettes, or something more abstract that illustrates a mood or a feeling. 

What should a fashion mood board include:

  • Material ideas (colors, textures, fabrics)
  • Color schemes 
  • Inspirational imagery

Mood Board Fashion Guide

Fashion mood board tips

We put together a fashion mood board example using StudioBinder’s fashion moodboard app. This will give you a visual idea of all of our steps in this guide. Check out our fashion mood board example for a "winter in the city" fashion style below. 

Fashion mood board examples

Before we dive deep into the details of the elements of a fashion mood board, here are a few tips to keep in mind throughout the process. 

Start simple – don't try to overcomplicate things by adding too many images at once; focus on just one element (e.g., color) at first before moving onto another element (e.g., texture). 

Be organized

Keep all images in separate folders so they are easy to find later if needed; this will also help make sure that everything looks neat and organized when you're done with the fashion moodboard.

Consider scale 

Smaller images may not make as much impact as larger ones so consider using different sizes when adding photos or illustrations into the mix; this will also help create visual interest in your design too!   

Showcase different perspectives 

If possible, include both close-up shots and full-body shots of models wearing clothing so that viewers can get an idea of what each piece looks like from multiple angles. This will give them more insight into how each garment fits within the overall collection or theme.  

Make notes 

Throughout the process make sure you take notes about each image or illustration so that you can refer back to them later if needed; this will also help ensure consistency across all elements of the final product!  

Choosing Mood Board Fashion Colors

Color Palette

One of the most important aspects of creating a fashion design mood board is selecting your color palette or color scheme. An effective color palette can create visual impact, evoke emotion, and set the tone for your collection. 

How to Make a Fashion Mood Board Fashion mood board examples

Fashion mood board examples

When selecting colors for your fashion mood boards be sure to consider everything from primary colors and neutrals to pastels and bright hues. Don’t be afraid to mix it up—you can even use more than one color palette if you like. 

Details in a Fashion Mood Board

Textures & Patterns

The textures and patterns you choose should be based on both practicality (what fabrics are suitable for the season?) as well as aesthetics (what kind of texture or pattern would look best with my other designs?). 

How to Make a Fashion Mood Board Mood Board Fashion Textures

Mood Board Fashion Textures

Be sure to include swatches or images that represent each texture or pattern you plan to work with so that you can easily refer back to them when designing your collection. Get creative with what visual material you use in your mood board. Explore mediums beyond solely textiles and fabrics. This could be patterns in interior design, textures in architecture, or patterns in paintings.

Inspiration for Fashion Mood Board

Shapes & Outfits

After you have selected your colors and textures/patterns, it’s time to think about shapes and outfits. You should focus on silhouettes that flatter the body type you plan on designing for as well as cuts, necklines, hemlines, etc., that will add interest to the overall look of your collection.

How to Make a Fashion Mood Board Mood Board Fashion Design Shapes

Mood Board Fashion Design Shapes

Remember that balance is key; don’t forget about smaller details such as waistlines, sleeves lengths, pockets placement etc., which can make all the difference between an average outfit and an outstanding one.

Fashion Mood Board Examples

Pieces & Accessories

Last but not least are pieces and accessories. This is where you get creative; think about how you want each piece to be unique from its counterparts by adding interesting touches such as beads or artwork or fringe detailing. 

How to Make a Fashion Mood Board Mood Board Fashion Accessories

Mood Board Fashion Accessories

Accessories are also important; think about what type of jewelry would go well with each outfit or how a belt could complete an otherwise plain dress. Every element must complement each other in order for it all come together into one cohesive look.  

Creating a fashion mood board is an essential part of any designer’s process whether they’re just starting out or already working in the industry. It allows designers to organize their thoughts visually by showcasing colors, textures, shapes, outfits and pieces in one place which can then serve as inspiration when designing garments or collections. 

By following these tips for creating a successful fashion design mood board—start simple, stay organized, consider scale, showcase different perspectives—you will have all the tools necessary for crafting beautiful visions into reality

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