Do you want to learn about making storyboards? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to list some of the best storyboarding classes online, with both free and paid options. We’re also going to show you how you can download free storyboard templates to get started right away! By the end, you’ll know where to look for more information on storyboarding classes online.

Course Storyboard


How to Make a Storyboard (ft. Star Wars) by StudioBinder  •  Subscribe on YouTube

We may not have a dedicated storyboard class at StudioBinder, but we do have a ton of resources on storyboard production. Check out the links below! And make sure to reference our StudioBinder template page for free storyboard templates!

Storyboard Classes Online Blank Storyboard for Video Template StudioBinder

Storyboard Artist Training  •  StudioBinder Storyboard Template

Storyboard Training Courses


Price: Free

The StudioBinder blog is the perfect place to find educational information on storyboarding.

Storyboarding Lessons

Storyboarding for Animation

Storyboarding Classes Online  •  Sarah Beth Morgan Interview

Sarah Beth Morgan’s “Storyboarding for Animation: How to Illustrate and Design for Successful Motion” is the most popular storyboard class on Skillshare. With more than 10,000 students and a 70% rate of “exceeded expectations reviews,” it’s clear Morgan’s course is a great option for people looking for storyboard classes online.

“Storyboarding for Animation: How to Illustrate and Design for Successful Motion” is a 13-lesson course that totals one hour and seven minutes.

Course Storyboard


Price: Skillshare subscription required

Sarah Beth Morgan also offers courses in “Illustrating Characters for Animation,” “Playing With Shapes in Procreate,” and more.

Storyboard Artist Training

Storyboarding Your Film

Course Storyboard  •  Chris Prynoski Interview

“Storyboarding Your Film with Chris Prynoski and Christy Karakas” is a ten-lesson, three and a half hour course in professional storyboarding. 

Prynoski is a producer, director, and animator known for working on shows like Beavis and Butt-Head and games like Guitar Hero. Prynoski co-founded the animation studio Titmouse, inc. with his wife Shannon Prynoski.

Karakas is a director and animator with prolific experience working with MTV, Cartoon Network, and other outlets. Karakas is the creator and director of the animated show Superjail!

Storyboarding Lessons


Price: Creative Live subscription or $29 listed price.

“Storyboarding Your Film with Chris Prynoski and Christy Karakas” is presented largely like a studio lecture.

Storyboard Training Courses

Learn to Storyboard

Storyboarding Classes Online  •  Storyboarding 101 by Siobhan Twomey

“Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation” by Siobhan Twomey is a 22-lesson, one hour and 45 minute course in storyboarding. Twomey is a designer, artist, and director with more than 15 years of experience working in media.

In the course, students can expect to find assignments, downloadable resources, and video lectures.

Storyboard Artist Training


Price: $99.99

Siobhan Twomey’s “Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation” course has a 4.6 out of 5 rating from 1,671 reviews as of writing.

Storyboarding Lessons

Illustrations of Storyboards

Storyboarding Classes Online  •  Illustrations of Storyboards Intro

“Illustration of Storyboards for Cinema and Advertising” by Pablo Burratti is a 19 lesson, four-hour course in storyboarding. The course teaches students creative strategies and marketing tips for storyboarding.

Buratti is an illustrator and storyboard artist who’s worked on films with directors such as Terry Gilliam, Pedro Almodóvar, and more.

Storyboarding Classes Online


Price: $59.99

“Illustrations of Storyboards for Cinema and Advertising” is a Spanish language online storyboard class with English subtitles.


Best Storyboarding Software

Are you ready to get storyboarding? Well, if your answer’s yes, you’re probably going to need some storyboarding software. Up next, we break down a bunch of different paid and free storyboarding software options. By the end, you’ll know where to find the best storyboarding software for you.

Up Next: Storyboard Software with Free Templates →
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